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Level of Knowledge, theres a lot to know about Disney Destinations. E beach, the waves, the cruise, and the the hotel. However, many new Disney travel agents are unaware of the pitfalls and challenges they may soon encounter. As their travel planner, these hassles now become your responsibility. It doesnt get any better than that! However, since you are reading this article, its likely that you have no experience at all. Lets discuss the ins and outs of how to become a Disney travel agent. I was never in a position to where I felt like it was a right fit for myself at the time, so I never acted upon applying for any of the positions. If youve never been a travel agent before, this is where you can show a Disney agency that you at least have some related experience in doling out advice and planning Disney vacations, albeit unpaid and unofficial. Work from Home Travel Agent jobs that work from a reputable company that is a host. This doesnt just apply to phone conversations, but also with the written word. As such, youd need a bit of advanced search to explore work from home reuters bitcoin futures jobs at Disney.

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Keep your information easily retrievable in case a client calls with questions. The team behind The Vacationeer puts a lot of effort into satisfying both their clients and their agents. The nature of working on commission means that it can take a while to get your cut. Nacta which is, national Association of Career Travel Agents! Before you apply for a Disney travel agent job, make sure that you can commit plenty of time to the work. Travel Planners, international, tPI, outside Agents m/ (Reputable Host Agency) m, american Express hires Travel Counselors via their job board. Do you often fantasize about planning your next trip or do friends always ask you for travel planning advice?

She researches and plans trips for others the same persistence and attention to detail as if she was planning a trip for herself. Consider the, travel the with Magic Program is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner that specializes in Disney destination vacations. This job involves a lot of phone work but you'll mostly be handling incoming calls and inquiries, answering questions, and providing information about different cruises to recommend. Most Disney-authorized travel agencies allow you to apply easily from their websites. ( The Vacationeer is currently seeking new Disney agents to join their growing team. Aside from helping other people book dream vacations and trips, you also might want to become a travel agent so you can travel more yourself by using direct discounts from back-end vendors. Friends and Family Some Disney agencies want to know if your friends and family refer to you as a Disney fanatic and whether they seek your advice when planning their Disney vacations.

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You can get access to the job board as soon as you land the website. Its not always easy to convey a pleasant tone via texts and emails, so avoid writing anything that sounds abrupt, angry, or unsympathetic. Start by searching for Disney travel agent jobs or Disney travel planner jobs. You will be using an online booking system and talking to clients throughout the day, so Disney travel agencies will make sure that your technology is adequate and your computer skills are up to the task. Uneven Hours, becoming a Disney travel agent isnt always what its cracked up. In turn, the individual agent who booked the trip typically gets between 50-75 of what the agency receives. Quality of service is important to Gigi and has contributed to her business success.

In other words, you will not have a salary or wages to rely. There are several things you should consider before searching the Disney travel agent join our team listings. Make sure you have a good financial safety net in place before you start trying to work full-time as a Disney travel agent. There are two ways you can do this: first is to apply directly on Disneys job board (Ill show you how below and make money doing Disney-related side gigs. Novice vacation planners can expect to have a 50-55 split with their host agency to start off with, and around 70-75 as the agent becomes more experienced and book more trips. Youll also need to be comfortable using office software and online travel booking systems. Various Disney travel agencies book Universal Studios, Sandals Beaches Resorts, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line packages as well, so your breadth of knowledge may need to expand beyond Disney, depending on which destinations your host agency books.

Be prepared to work weekends, late nights, and early mornings. Traditionally, travel agencies used to be brick and mortar which required you to work in-office but now, you have more flexibility to work online from home and don't need to go through rigorous training to get started either. Would you ever consider becoming a home-based travel agent? Travel planning is a complicated business. These types of agencies are usually more interested in making money off you from the get-go than making you a valuable team member. The set-up and monthly maintenance of blogs are relatively cheap. Write about Disney You can become a guest blogger on various websites and talk about Disney.

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For example, you might say things like: disney travel agent jobs work from home Ill never forget my first trip to Disney World when I was. Many people who are researching how to become a Disney travel agent may not be aware of this potentially unwelcome insight. Sometimes you may need to scramble to take advantage of limited-time travel promotions and discounts. Aside from having an interest in travel and possibly a certification, you'll also need a phone and a computer with high-speed internet. When searching for direct Disney employment, leave the country, state and city slots blank. 2, demonstrate your knowledge of Disney properties. Since Gigi is a certified travel agent, she has a relationship with back-office vendors that the average person can't even access. Therefore, effective Disney travel planners should not only be computer savvy but also be social media savvy. Make sure to highlight your tech skills in your application. Come up with a few questions, such as: Do you get your commissions in a timely manner?

It beats selling insurance every day, right?! Read on for tips on how to avoid common online scams! Tips For Becoming Successful Gigi had a few tips for new or aspiring travel agents to become successful and I was all ears. The agency should also be accredited by a respected travel association, as well. Ill only recommend you bother with Disney licensing only if you have an established store with healthy revenues. But once you do, expect to earn better revenues since you get to keep over 90 of the commission. Commitment Next, they will want to assess your commitment to the job. Commission Split, the commission split between the host agency and travel agent varies with each Disney agency. The minimum was 8,500, the median 31,056, and the maximum was 80,000 per year. However, its a big plus if you do! While there are plenty of fabulous host agencies to work for, none beat The Vacationeer, in our opinion. The best Disney travel agencies wont just throw you to the wolves to fend for yourself, but rather, support you along the way as you learn the ropes. Other options for employment include these companies: American Express Travel Counselors, american Express hires travel counselors which are at-home agents to help with booking travel arrangements, events ticketing, and more.

3 Disney-Related Money-Making Opportunities, if direct employment isnt in the stars for you, you can still find money-making opportunities and other online jobs that are somewhat related to Disney. Finally, Gigi recommends that you market well to grow your business and consider a niche. Does it seem like they know what theyre doing? These vendors provide her with discounted rates on travel-related products to offer her clients. There will inevitably disney travel agent jobs work from home be agents that know more about certain destinations, while others will know less. Watch out for scams. (Youll need to do your due diligence to see what type of investment is required to be a part of them as each are very different). I consider myself a researcher, Gigi says. It's also important to note that Gigi doesn't get compensated until clients actually book a travel package. If you can, reach out to both current and past agents with the company you are interested. Im the biggest Disney geek I know. Dont fret if there are no results found.

disney travel agent jobs work from home

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Detail-Oriented, clients depend on Disney travel agents to take the headaches out of planning and booking their trip. What would you like best about the job? Social Media Presence Social media plays a major role in marketing these days. 2 Be prepared for payment delays. Legitimate Disney travel agencies will have iata (International Air Transport Association) and/or clia (Cruise Lines International Association) accreditation and require their agents to complete the College of Disney Knowledge (a correspondence course for Disney travel agents to learn about different resorts, cruise line, etc.). Disney travel agencies want you to have a quiet home office and reliable technology to work with. Some may even require that youve visited a Disney theme park at least 5 times. Leads given to them from the agency. Direct Employment: Disney Work from Home Jobs. Walt Disney World and Disneyland, but also, aulani (a Disney Resort Spa Disney Cruise Line vacations, and, adventures by Disney.

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We use cookies to make wikiHow great. For the Disney agency with the best commission splits, see our recommendation at end of the article. Expect to be asked which destinations you have been to, and when. They engage in a variety of marketing strategies to bring new leads to their agents, including Facebook ads, hosting Disney World vacation planning Meetup groups, and other creative marketing strategies. You dont need to have a travel agent license, but youll be tested on how much Disney knowledge you have. How Does Compensation Work? Various Disney-oriented organizations like, travel with the Magic. In a nutshell, they want all the good qualities and none of the bad!

disney travel agent jobs work from home

Disney travel planners universe of knowledge shouldnt be limited to just. Whats great about listings on FlexJobs is that it indicates if the position is 100 work from home, has the potential to become a work-from-home position, or a mix of both (office-based and remote). Most Disney travel agencies hire their agents as professional contractors. Avoid Disney travel agencies that a run like multilevel marketing schemes. In fact, some agencies will not even accept applications from people who havent been on at least 3 Disney vacations in the past 5 years! A travel agent helps others plan vacations and trips. It is still possible to get hired as a Disney travel planner with little to no experience. Be sure to deduct expenses like office expenses, your cell phone and internet bill, fuel costs if you have to travel to meet up with a client, along with marketing and advertising expenses. Did this summary help you?

However, if youre planning to sell Disney items as side cash, or as a work from home gig, theres a better way to do it: become an affiliate of the official m Affiliate Program. 18 However, its up to you to use those materials effectively and find your own clients. Show off your knowledge of the different destinations and what they have to offer. If you would like to become a Vacationeer, visit m/travel-agent-jobs to apply. Plus, any Disney vacation you go on is tax deductible as a research expense. Whichever route you plan to take, isnt it awesome to know that if youre in between jobs or want to get a change of pace, you can combine your love of Disney with these work from home jobs. So, after all of that information, who is our favorite Disney travel agency? An ideal job candidate would be able to devote as many hours as possible to grow their business and be highly attentive to their clients needs. According to research from the American disney travel agent jobs work from home Society of Travel Agents (asta home-based agents' annual income can vary greatly. It helps to have a large circle of friends and acquaintance to pitch your services to, as well as some marketing savvy to build your own brand. And now imagine having these things in discussion with several people throughout the day! You can still dig deeper via third-party sites. Disney travel agencies are always on the lookout for new talent.