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The Disposition Effect and Underreaction to News 2027 Table III Proportion of Gains Realized to the Aggregate Proportion of Losses Realized, Mutual Funds (19802002) This table compares the aggregate proportion of gains realized (PGR) to the aggregate proportion of losses realized (PLR). To further test this hypothesis, I run an additional robustness test. IPO Effect The IPO effect has baffled academics for several decades and is the result of three unusual price patterns that are typically associated with new public stock offerings: The first day of trading for new IPOs sees abnormal returns. Lesmonda, David., Michael. Underreaction to Corporate News I describe the main underreaction hypothesis and design a related invest- ment rule to construct the test assets. 9 Currently, filings appear on the SEC edgar system on the next business day following a filing; however, information lags were probably longer at the beginning of the sample period. The Disposition Effect and Underreaction to News 2045 Fama, Eugene, 1998, Market efficiency, long term returns and behavioral finance, Journal of Fi- nancial Economics 49, 283306. Often, the best anomalies are those that can easily be backed up with a rational explanation such as the behavioural biases of human investors. At date t, bad news reveals a consensus valuation of only. Strategy: CEFs often trade at a discount to NAV and can become mis-priced. A priori, we would expect the drift to be most severe in stocks for which price discovery is likely to be sluggish, such as small stocks.16 In a recent paper, Lesmonda, Schill, and Zhouc (2004) argue that momentum strategies require frequent. Fama, Eugene, and Kenneth French, 1993, Common risk factors in the returns on stocks and bonds, Journal of Financial Economics 33, 356.

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At the beginning of each quarter, mutual funds are ranked by their previous years return. Each day, pick stocks in the S P500 which have Earnings Announcements the next day. The alpha still declines from pead trading strategy maximum to minimum, although sometimes not monotonically, for the 1- and 2-month rolling period. The following graphic from Aswath Damodaran with data from Ken French calls the small firm effect into question and illustrates how most of the returns have come in January: Strategy: There is evidence that the small firm effect has weakened. He finds that stocks with the most negative previous earnings surprise actually exhibit the most positive returns very shortly after the subsequent earnings announcement.

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Meanwhile, under a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the company is given permission to continue trading and reorganise which could lead to significant improvement down the road. The data run from January 1993 to December 2002. Stock returns and accounting data between January 1980 and December 2002 are obtained from the crsp/compustat merged database. Liquidity, Size, and Trading Costs Post-event price drift is consistent with a world in which firm-specific infor- mation diffuses only gradually across the investing public, and market partic- ipants only partially extrapolate information from prices. Likewise, researchers all have different levels of skill and different methods of validating market inefficiencies. It will be interesting to see how this pattern holds as interest rates rise.

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So even if you find a significant discount there is no guarantee that you will be able to sell for a profit. However, about 60 of the funds file quarterly reports. But it reached its peak in the Internet bubble pead trading strategy of where an estimated.63 billion was left on the table based on the starting price of US IPOs in that time period. Lease, 1979, An analysis of brokerage house securities recommendations, Financial Analysts Journal 35, 3240. Hence, we expect this proxy to provide a more efficient estimator of aggregate capital gains than volume. The t-statistics test the hypothesis that average trading costs exceed the maximum threshold. A better rule would be Sell in September: Strategy: This anomaly should not be actioned on by itself but it could be useful as part of a broader composite indicator. Here, the explanation is that reverse stock splits are typically implemented in poorly performing stocks. Earnings News Quintile Rolling Period 1 (Bad) 2 3 4 5 (Good) L/S.558. (2.69) (1.84) (0.11) (1.82) (3.20) (8.17).512. (2.07) (0.32) (1.04) (1.75) (3.91). Since I only have access to retail investors holdings for a limited period of 5 years and they do not generate a noticeable difference in the analysis, I present results obtained using mutual fund holdings only. Acknowledgement: I thank Michael Raines at Wall Street Horizon for providing the historical point-in-time expected earning dates data for this research.

If a stock had high turnover a year ago, but volume has been very low ever since, then most of the current holders probably bought the stock a year ago, so we can use the past years price as a proxy for the purchase price. However, different date ranges show a very different spread of returns which highlights the dangers of basing stock market strategies on small sample sizes. Section V reports returns net of trading costs. Hence, Vt, tn is equal to the probability that the reference price is equal to the price at. Jegadeesh found that stocks with the strongest 12-month returns went on to outperform the market over the next 12 months and smilar findings were found in monthly intervals down to 3 months. At the beginning of every pead trading strategy calendar month, stocks are ranked in ascending order on the basis of their cumulative abnormal returns around the most recent earnings announcement date and the most recent capital gains overhang. The Disposition Effect and Underreaction to News 2029 the long and short sides. Panel F reports characteristics-adjusted returns using a single control firm matched on size, book-to-market, and price momentum. I begin by reporting returns of the standard pead strategy. If a stock has a high P/E ratio, its price is high relative to recent earnings. Shapira, Zur, and Itzhak Venezia, 2001, Patterns of behavior of professionally managed and inde- pendent investors, Journal of Banking and Finance 25, 15731587.

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The equity pead trading strategy curve is displayed below: Interestingly, a market neutral version of this strategy (using IWV to hedge any net exposure) does not improve the Sharpe ratio, but does significantly depressed the cagr. PLR ( value) is the dollar value of realized losses divided by the dollar value of realized losses plus the dollar value of paper (unrealized) losses. Barberis, Nicholas, Ming Huang, and Richard Thaler, 2003, individual preferences monetary gam- bles and the equity premium, nber Working paper. When the bad news is revealed, no friction rations the supply of the stock since most of the current holders are engaged in active selling to lock in their paper gains. I address this issue by splitting the sample into stocks with high and low mutual fund ownership, where ownership is defined as the percent- age of shares held by mutual funds. You may also check first or second article in this series if you liked the current one.

Strategy: More research may be needed but the general strategy is to go long IPO stocks on their first trading day. 5 See Ferris, Haugen, and Makhija (1998 and Grinblatt and Han (2005). (A2) This measure has the following interpretation. This anomaly has also been discussed by numerous well-known researchers including Basu, Titman and Fama and French. The capital gains overhang is defined as the percentage deviation of the aggregate cost pead trading strategy basis from the current price gt Pt RPt.

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I use the median ownership at the end of the previous month as the breakpoint. This anomaly has been documented in the UK market with success. In other words, you can currently pick.26 worth of assets for.58. Some experts suggest that the discount reflects illiquidity of the underlying assets, management fees, transaction costs and the difficult of valuing NAVs accurately. In other words, if a stock trended lower in the morning it might reverse higher in the afternoon and vice versa. They can be explored pead trading strategy on various timeframes and in various settings.

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The t-statistics test the null hypothesis that the difference in proportions is equal to zero; 5 statistical significance is indicated in bold. Journal of Accounting Research 27, 136. Others suggest that more bad news comes out over the weekend with more companies reporting negative earnings after Fridays close. I repeat the analysis by splitting the sample pead trading strategy into the two subperiods, 1962 to 19 to 2002, and I use the turnover-based measure of overhang proposed by Grinblatt and Han (2005). PGR ( value) is the dollar value of realized gains divided by the dollar value of realized gains plus the dollar value of paper (unrealized) gains. The commission sched- ule is subject to a 38 overriding minimum. The Super Bowl indicator, introduced in 1978 by sports writer Leonard Koppett, holds that if a team from the AFC wins the Super Bowl, the stock market will decline in the following year. Similarly, their active selling prevents a stock price from rising immediately to its new level on positive news announcements. All the results tell a consistent story, namely, signed overhang predicts subsequent returns. Wong, 1998, Earnings management and the under- performance of seasoned equity offering, Journal of Financial Economics 50, 6399. The reluctance to unload an asset that is trading at a capital loss hampers price discovery when negative news hits such a security; this results in post- event drift. This compares to an average return.16 for all weeks in the sample period.

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Strategy: You can go long S P 500 futures on the close of tax day and hold for one full trading day. New evidence on the relation between mutual fund flows, manager behavior, and performance persistence, Working paper, University of Maryland. Therefore, I compute the capital gains overhang using only holdings of index funds and ETFs, and I construct the two main test assets. Elton, Edwin., Martin. In terms of market capitalization, on average.4 of crsp stocks have valid capital gains over the period 1980 to 2002. The port- folios have similar market and size exposure. Just because a market anomaly worked in the past doesnt mean it will continue in the future. Possible explanations for this anomaly are tax loss harvesting, window dressing (accounting) and investor psychology. Explanation The most popular explanation for pead is that investors typically under-react to earnings surprises and it takes time for the new information to filter through and get priced into the market. The opposite is true for positive news stocks. One study that looked into the overall profitability of 447 market factors, found that up to 85 were insignificant and probably the result of backtesting bias. In fact, the last 20 or so years has seen the amount of research into stock market strategies and anomalies explode. Best quant trading blogs philippine stock market bloomberg, quantitative Trading Quantitative investment and trading ideas, research.

From that lower base, subsequent returns will be higher. I use pead trading strategy the I/B/E/S rating code to compute changes in recommendations for each analyst following a particular stock, since the most recent recorded value. However this theory runs contrary to what happens when markets reopen after the weekend, known as the Monday effect. Alphas, turnover, and trading costs are in monthly percent, t-statistics are shown below the coefficient estimates, and 5 statistical significance is indicated in bold. The Disposition Effect and Underreaction to News 2023 where Vt, tn is the number of shares purchased at date t n that are still held by the original purchasers at date t, is a normalizing. 1 2 3 4 Dependent Variable Capital Gains Capital Gains Capital Gains Abs(Capital Gains) R12,1.396.553.557.273 (10.87) (15.29) (15.25) (5.71) R36, (4.27) (6.81) (7.90) (2.89) log (mv1). (13.91) (13.44).

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Ning Zhou, 2002, Up close and personal: An individual level analysis of the disposition effect, Yale ICF Working paper. Trading outside of these busy hours is usually a dangerous idea for day traders. Chan, and Josef Lakonishok, 1996, Momentum strategies, Journal of Finance 51, 16811713. Panel G reports results for portfolios constructed using standardized unexpected earnings (SUE) as measure of earnings news. The lower magni- tude of the drift may be due to the fact that strategies based on accounting surprises and market impact exploit market underreaction to separate pieces of information embedded in different news proxies. See this article on Blair Hull for more information about combining factors.

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If the stock is trading at a capital loss, the lower relative supply will generate a relatively higher price, and help the price adjustment to the new higher level. Hypothesis UR implies that a longshort strategy, in which a long position in good news stocks is offset by a short position in negative news stocks, should yield higher returns, the higher the spread in the capital gains. This example is illustrated in Figure 1; the PT-MA investor prefers the chance of breaking even to the certain pain of experiencing a loss. 20 This is the same schedule used by Lesmonda, Schill, and Zhouc (2004). Usually the company splits the stock to bring the share price down and make it more affordable for investors to purchase blocks of shares. SUE (e e4 where e is the most recent quarterly earnings per share as of month t, et4 is the earnings per share four quarters before month t, and is the standard deviation of unexpected earnings et et4 over the preceding eight quarters. For example, if a CEF typically trades at a 10 discount to NAV, they will only go long if the discount widens and the z score drops below, say, -2. This example is illustrated in Figure.

The following chart from Barclay Hedge shows how the Edhec Distressed Securities Index has outperformed the S P 5: Outperformance from funds specialising in distressed securities. I backtested this strategy from 2011/8/3-2016/9/30 on a fixed SPX universe on 2011/7/5, and obtained cagr17.6 and Sharpe ratio.6. Bloomberg shows the NAV and the premium/discount on its" page for most CEFs and ETFs: There are many subtleties to the closed-end fund discount and numerous explanations have been put forward for its existence. On the other hand, an accounting-based measure of earnings news incorporates information up to the last quarter, and hence should reflect earnings surprises over a longer period. The book-to-market anomaly compares the book value of a company to its market price.