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Confucian countries now have a Harmony value. Many Advisor related events now give meritocracy effects if the country triggering them is the emperor of China. Added is_incident_active ( incidentname) trigger. Fortunately , Wadysaw's brother, Kazimierz IV, is the Grand Duke of Lithuania. Subject type rules can now be modified through script (common/subject_types. Hejaz is now a vassal of the Mamluks in 1444. Capital State now also have 5 Instition Spread. The Ottomans are far to the South but their ambitions are far too great to remain the east is the vast Eurasian Steppe, long the source of massive horde invasions. Country guides Anatolian technology group Ottomans Muslim technology group Granada Nomadic technology group Central African technology group Mutapa East African technology group Kilwa West African technology group Mali Mesoamerican technology group Maya South American technology group Mapuche Lithuania. Nations in debt and running deficits can no longer buy ships.

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Added imperial_mandate trigger (checks if Mandate is value.) Added empire_of_china_reform_level trigger (similar to HRE reform level trigger.) Rajput Resistance idea now reduces war exhaustion instead of war exhaustion reduction cost. We must strive to unite the Polish eu4 poland trade strategy 1.20 people and create a Polish nation to take the place of the kingdom that once was. Teutonic and, livonian Orders, the Tatars of the, golden Horde and the. Esen Choros now starts with the Inspiring Leader Personality and the Goal Oriented Leader Trait. Tributary States from history are now disabled if starting game without Mandate of Heaven DLC. Fixed alliances breaking when they shouldn't when becoming subject. Musashi now starts as a Coastal Center of Trade. There are 8 possible incidents.

Steppe Horde government now have 25 Cavalry Ratio. Large Estates names are now cropped in outliner, not forcing 2 lines. Have a good strategy for Poland? Fixed bad scope for mtth modifiers of colonial event 1 Province 1747 * Caceres, Renamed to Extremadura to avoid confusion with Caceres in South America. With the.27 Poland update came two new events chains which can allow Poland to get new vassals. Added better and worse comparisons to other players in statistics page.

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Cav_to_inf_ratio is no longer a techgroup variable, but a normal modifier. Beyond the Baltic Sea, the Scandinavian nations fight for dominance over one another. Description for Break Vassalization now tells you of the effects (prestige and opinion) it will have. Forming Tibet now requires Vajrayana religion. Footnotes Retrieved from " ". Ledger: Rows with data for your own country now has a special background to make it easier to spot. Moderators u/Meneth, programmer u/derkrieger, holy Paradoxian Emperor u/Kailvin, emperor of Palmyra u/klngarthur (Regency Council) u/SirkTheMonkey, colonial Governor u/AutoModerator, synthetics u/KaTiON, killjoy Supreme u/Shalaiyn. Gains 1 Base production. Added 'any_province_in_state ' 'all_province_in_state 'triggers. Fixed bug where AI sent one more colonist than they could afford. Milan is now an inland Center of Trade. Force Removed rivals are now saved in the savegame. Cross and Crescent events "Shiite and Sunni" and "Sunni and Shiite" no longer spawns rebels in all provinces that are wrong religion.

AI will no longer cancel coring eu4 poland trade strategy 1.20 and culture conversions when a province is sieged. Smolensk is now an inland Center of Trade. No longer possible to increase autoonomy if you don't have authority to lose. Abilities for Age of Absolutism now scripted and implemented. Removed Kizilmak Estuary and instead added Center of Trade in Sinope. Improved tooltips in leader-select panel. Harer is no longer a Center of Trade.

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Owari now starts with the eu4 poland trade strategy 1.20 Jingu permanent province modifier. Countrytags will automatically evaluate as their capital. Added 14 new provinces in Japan. Orders which they almost always cancelled a couple days later. Rule 9: On the list of temporarily banned topics. Bug fixes and tweaks in AI power balance evaluation during war considerations.

Lowered base chance of eu4 poland trade strategy 1.20 AI Crimea accepting voluntary submission to Ottomans. Different levels of devastation now cause different intensity of smoke particles. Move Capital to Warsaw With the incorporation of the duchy of Mazovia Warsaw has become the seat of the Sejm. Added 30 new provinces in China, Mongolia, Manchuria and the Altishahr. Parliament Event 1 will no longer try to assign seats to non-state provinces. AI is now slightly more brave when carpet sieging. Fixed bug with AI merchant placement. Allow Poland does not exist. Fixed Typo in Malaccan flavor event. What provinces belong to what trade nodes have also been changed in many places globally.

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The Emperor of China now uses Meritocracy instead of Legitimacy. Fixed issue that caused AI to recruit way too many mercenaries instead of regular regiments. Can no longer make countries you have a truce with as a co-belligerent when declaring war. Added missing localization for the ad-Dahna area. Contents, patch.20 1, aka "Ming was released on with the checksum 072a. The Tributary State subject will be expected to give Tribute every year in the form of Ducats, Monarch power or Manpower. Alliance requests) only working if loading save from in-game menu. Added force Tributary State peace option. AI no longer privateers where allies have significant trade power. Provinces in the same area will belong to the same node. Rule 8: Missing flair/contains spoilers.