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Aired 4-5p ET April 25, 2017 Trump Picks Trade Fight with Canada; Trump Drops Border Wall Funding Demand; Wikipedia Founder Tackles Fake News;.K. May 06, 2019, global Stock Are Falling; President Trump Is Risking A Full On Trade War With China With New Tariffs Perhaps On Friday, Baby Sussex Has Arrived Aired: 3-4sp. Issues Subpoenas in Boeing Probe; Levi Strauss Shares Soar in IPO. Aired: 3-4p ET March 21, 2019 EU to Conditionally Extend Brexit to May 22nd; Israel Thanks President Trump Over Decision on Golan Heights; New Zealand PM Confident that New Zealand Supports Tighter Gun Law; Explosion at Chinese Chemical. Jobs; London Mayor Warns Over "Hard Brexit hsbc Moving Staff to Paris After Brexit; Polish Deputy Prime Minister: Nothing Wrong with Our Democracy. Trump's transition team says the President-elect will start renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement.

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May 15, 2019, businesses in Alabama Under Pressure Over Alabama Abortion Bill; Usain Bolt Launches Electronic Scooter Service in Paris;.S. Markets Fall as Merkel Tries to Save Coalition; Carrefour and Tesco Agree Supply Alliance; Indian Shopkeepers Protest Wal-Mart-Flipkart Deal; LeBron James Joins Lakers for 154 Million for Four Years; Roger Federer Ditches Nike for Uniqlo; Tesla Hits Production. Pledges 540 Million After Grenfell Fire; New Explosion and Laze at Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano;.U. Aired 4-5p ET December 14, 2017 Disney Agrees Deal for 21st Century Fox; Tech Giants Furious at New Neutrality Decision; British Prime Minister Returns to Brussels; Disney Buys Up New Cast of Characters with 21st Century Fox Deal; December 13, 2017.S. Employment Rate Unchanged.7 Percent; New Program to Offer Single Moms Basic Income; Dow Ends the Week Down Around 500 Points. Aired: 3- 4p ET January 14, 2019 The Pound Sterling Is Poised For 24-Hour Of Political Drama As Theresa May Gets Her Last Chance To Get Her Brexit Deal Through Parliament; The Saudi Oil Minister Tells Us How opec. Aired 4-5p ET May 16, 2018 French Oil Tank, Total, Is Ready To Pull Out Of Iran; Donald Trump Is Sending More Mixed Messages Over ZTE; Investors Are Scrambling For A Piece Of The Blockchain Bonanza; The Permian. Aired 4-5p ET October 20, 2016 Trump and Clinton Enter Final Campaign Stretch; Trump Won't Commit to Honoring best pivots system for cryptocurrency trading Election Results; Trump: I'll Accept Election Results "If I Win Theresa May Briefs EU Leaders on Brexit Plans; British Lawmakers Vote to Strip.

And China Can Reach Trade Truce; Second Bill to Re-Open.S. Aired 4-5p ET December 08, 2016 Dow Continues Record Rally; Starbucks CEO: I'm ready to Hand Over; Former.S. Nuclear Watchdog Cast Doubt on the Israeli Prime Minister's Claim that Iran Lied about Wrapping Up its Nuclear Weapons Program; Israel PM: Sanctions will Pile Pressure on Iran; Apple Earnings Beat Expectations; Snap Inc. October 20, 2015 UK best pivots system for cryptocurrency trading Rolls Out Red Carpet for Chinese President; Pomp, Protest for Chinese President's UK Visit; Chinese Foreign Investment; European Stocks Fall; Trudeau's Liberal Party Wins Landslide in Canada; Former Canadian Foreign Minister on Election Results; Thousands of Migrants Stranded in Serbia. November 14, 2016 Did Not Air November 11, 2016 Did Not Air November 10, 2016 Did Not Air This Date Trump And Obama Meeting At The White House; China-U.S. Aired 4-5p ET November 21, 2016.S.

Bashes South Korea, Asks for Help on China; Central Banks to Play Key Role in Coming Half; Cyberattack Disruption Continues for Maersk;.S. Aired 4-5p ET December 22, 2017 Bitcoin Recovers Slightly after Plunge; Crisis in Catalonia;.N. Will Crush Iran With Pressure And Then He Warns The West; A Sham And An Election Results Not Worth Recognizing; Ebola Vaccinations Start for Health Workers in DRC; Italy's Populist Parties Name Conte.M. Airline Blames Brexit Turmoil for Closure; European Markets Finish Mixed. Aired 4-5p ET December 13, 2016 Dow Heads Closer to 20,000; Exxon Boss Faces Fight Over Russia Ties; David Beckham Battles for Vulnerable Kids; Senate Majority Leader Backs Tillerson for Secretary of State; December 09, 2016 Trump Hails.S. Aired 4-5p ET July 05, 2017.N. Aired 4-5p ET February 17, 2016 Turkey: Terror Attack Kills 28; White House: FBI Not Seeking iPhone "Back Door Cook: Government Asking.S. Aired 4-5p ET February 19, 2018 Facebook Updates Plan to Fight Election Meddling; Inside Look at Russian Troll Farms and Benefactors; China Warns.S. Prime Minister May Announces Snap Election; IMF Warns Against Trade Barriers; Trump Signs "Buy American, Hire American" Order; Ballmer Spotlights Government Spending; Melenchon Narrows Gap with Frontrunners April 17, 2017 Turkey's Erdogan Wins Sweeping Powers; Pence Warns North Korea, Don't Test Trump; Top.N. Sec'y of State; Trump to Republicans Invoke Nuclear Option for Gorsuch; Trump Nominates Gorsuch for Supreme Court; India Tech Stocks Slide.S. Aired 4-5p ET September 29, 2015 Obama and Castro Meet at United Nations; Cuba Calls for End to US Embargo; Obama Predicts isis Will Fail; Poroshenko Criticizes Putin's Terrorism Claims; Climate Change Major Issue at UN General Assembly; Volkswagen. Its partly humans - Tan KW best pivots system for cryptocurrency trading @ 18:10 Doctor In The House: Redefining Sex In Sports - Tan KW @ 18:09 SoftBank Group shares tumble as Uber prices IPO at lower end - Tan KW @ 18:09 Trading Stocks. Brace for Storm; Hawaiian Airlines CEO: Low Impact of Volcano Eruption; Hawaiian Airlines Adds Airbus A321 Neo to Fleet; Paris Start-Up to Beat Traffic with Water Taxis.

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Trump, Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Exchange Pleasantries at G20 Summit; Marriott Reveals Data Breach of 500 Million Starwood Guests; DJ Khaled, Floyd Mayweather. House Passes Bill to Replace Obamacare; Trump: I'm so Confident Health Care Bill Passes Senate; Former.S. Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo Says The.S. Aired 4-5p ET March 23, 2018 Trade War Fears Push Dow into Correction; Trade Tariffs and Possible Trade War with China; Likely Retaliation of China to the.S. Aired 4-5p ET October 04, 2016.S. Morgan CEO Optimistic.S. Aired 4-5p ET December 22, 2016 Berlin Christmas Market Attackers Prints Found in Truck; Syrian Government Controls Aleppo; Trump Considering Imports Tariff; Italy Prepares for Bank Bailout.

Aired 3-4p ET November 27, 2018 Israeli Prime Minister Reacts to CNN Report on Anti-Semitism in Europe;.S. Stocks; Ericsson, Cisco to Build Networks Together. Aired 4-5p ET July 31, 2017 Did Not Air July 28, 2017 North Korea Fires Missile Towards Japan; Russia Retaliates Against.S. Aired 4-5p ET September 01, 2017 Immigrants in Houston Face Double Threat; Kenyan Supreme Court Orders New Presidential Election; nafta Negotiations Resume After Trumps Threat; Harvey Exposes Failing Infrastructure; Companies Find Creative Ways to Help Harvey Victims. Health Secretary; Musk Makes Big Claim Over Big Rockets; September 28, 2017 Did Not Air This Date September 27, 2017 Trump Unveils Details of Sweeping New Tax Plan; Inside the Voter Manipulation Machine; Microsoft best pivots system for cryptocurrency trading CEO Says Execs Must Stand. Markets Close At Record Highs; Meg Whitman To Step Down As Hewlett Packard CEO; DOJ: AT T- Time Warner Deal Would Harm Competition; Trump: AT T-Time Warner Deal, "Not Good For The Country". Official for Forcing Himself on Her; Space X Launches Rocket, But Recycling Effort Fails; Extreme Volatility Rocks Markets in First Quarter; Dow Posts First Quarterly Loss Since 2015; Wall Street Optimistic About Q1 Earnings; Trump Worries Global Elites in Davos; Zimbabwe's. Aired 3-4a ET December 03, 2018 Did Not Air November 30, 2018 The Authorities Are Telling Everyone In Alaska To Shelter In Place After An Earthquake Struck Near The City Of Anchorage; Marriott Hotels Says Its Massive Guest Reservation. General: Tens of Thousands of isis Fighters Remain; Vatican Hosts Envoys Representing Venezuelan Opposition Leader; Iran Marks 40 Years Since Islamic Revolution; Rouhani: Iran will Continue to Expand Missile Program; Lawyer for National Enquirer's CEO Denies the Tabloid Extorted. September 08, 2015 Migrants Break Free from Hungarian Holding Camp;.U. Food Industry Prepares for Hard Brexit. GDP, Trump-Kim Summit and Earnings. May 14, 2019, putin Says Russia Wants to "Fully Restore" Relations with the.S.; Apple Shares Recover Ground After Monday's Plunge; Disney Takes Control of Hulu.

Aired 4-5p ET November 30, 2016 Two Wall Street Men Picked By Trump for best pivots system for cryptocurrency trading His Cabinet; Plane Crash in Colombia; Trump Removing Himself from Business When He Moves to White House; World Chess Championship;.N. Must Be Energy Independent; Feds Probe Bank of Bangladesh Hack; Doctors Call for Olympics to be Postponed; Li: Not Worried About.S.-China Trade Relations May 26, 2016 Trump Clinches Republican Nomination; Obama: World Leaders Rattled by Trump; Rudd: Protectionism. Aired 4-5p ET December 07, 2015 Did Not Air This Date December 04, 2015 Down Jones Rallies More Than 360 Points December 02, 2015 DID NOT AIR December 01, 2015 Santa Claus Rally; Manchester City Gets Massive New Investment; Interview with Nigeria's Environment Minister. Issues New Travel Advisory for France; Nestle Celebrates 150 Years in Business; Hackers Hijack NFL Twitter Account; Inside Nigeria's Space Program; Cameron Makes Case Against Brexit; Undisputed Online King Kimbo Slice has Died. Aired 4-5p ET May 24, 2016 Google's Paris Office Raided by Police; Tech and Banks Lead.S.

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Won't Default, It can Print More Money; Saudi Arabia Replaces Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi;.S. Aired: 4-5p ET June 13, 2018 A Common Bond Ties The.S., Canada And Mexico - Football; Is This Cartoon Economics And Why Should We Care About Coyote?; AT T Is Now Going To Complete The Deal For Time Warner;. Box Office April 28, 2017 New Nigerian Vigor in Fight Against Corruption; Nigerian Stock Exchange Focuses on Trust; Nigeria's Love Affair with Film;.S. Aired 4-5p ET February 22, 2017 Dow Rides Winning Streak to Fresh New Record; Top Marine Le Pen Aide Placed Under Investigation; Tillerson to Talk Immigration with Mexican President; Tesla's Valuation Closing in on Ford's; South Africa Unveils. Stocks Rally as Trade Talks Begin; World Bank President Resigns; In The.K., Lawmakers Return To Parliament For The First Time This Year; Government Shutdown Drags On Into Its 17th best pivots system for cryptocurrency trading Day; Aired: 3-4p ET January 04, 2019 The President. Policy Chief Arrives in Cuba; Tsipras Looks for Support in Berlin;.S. Aired 4-5p ET January 15, 2018 Carillion Collapse Puts Thousands of Jobs at Risk; 77 Hurt as Floor Collapses at Jakarta Stock Exchange; Five Days until.S.

best pivots system for cryptocurrency trading

Aired 4-5p ET May 15, 2017 Microsoft: Cyberattack is "Wake-Up Call North Korea Taunts China with Missile Launch; Mexico: We Won't Talk New nafta Tariffs; United Airlines Accidentally Releases Cockpit Access Info. Aired 4-5p ET January 20, 2017 Did Not Air This Date January 18, 2017 Obama Reflects in Final News Conference; Trump Demands Credit for.S. Prime Minister; Croatia Sends Star Striker Home from World Cup; England Defeats Tunisia 2-1; World Cup Fever Sweeps Across Russia; Jay Z and Beyonce Give Tidal Streaming Service a Boost with New Album; British Chambers Of Commerce Predicts the.K.'s. Aired: 4-5p ET May 24, 2018 Donald Trump Shocked The Markets By Calling Off His Meeting With Kim Jong-Un; Car Dealers In The United States Warned Of Economic Disaster Over New Plan For Tariffs; Angela Merkel Turns. Seeking New Deal with the EU; Airbus: Cheap Oil Doesn't Impact Us; Airbus CEO: We're Not Immune to a Slowdown; Hot Flavored Drinks Sold at Major Chains Contain Excessive Levels of Sugar February 16, 2016 Apple to Open New.

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Parliament Rejects PM May's EU Withdrawal Deal; Algerian Police Use Water Cannon Against Protesters; At Least 25 Dead in Dhaka Building Fire; Trump Threatens to Close.S.-Mexico Border; WSJ: Anti-Stall System Kicked in Before Ethiopia Crash; British Pound Falls Against.S. Aired: 3-4p ET October 19, 2018 best pivots system for cryptocurrency trading Chinese GDP.5 Is The Slowest In Years, The Worst Of The Trade War Is Still To Come; One Of The Most Powerful Members, Qatar Is Now Questioning Whether To Bailout Of One World;.S. Faces New Brexit Uncertainty After Tight Election June 08, 2017 Did Not Air This Date June 07, 2017 James Comey's Testimony Released;.K. Aired 4-5p ET March 08, 2016 Gender Pay Gap Examined; Sponsors Suspend Deal with Sharapova; Expanding Women's Roles in Business; Bobbi Browns Says Makeup Helps Women Feel Confident; Bobbi Brown says Women Can Have It All; Study Shows That Companies. Aired: 7-7:30p ET March 11, 2019 Algerian President Ends Bid for Fifth Term in Office; One Hundred and Fifty Seven Killed, Including 21 UN Staffers in a Plane Crash;.S.- Backed Forces Advance on isis Fighters Amid Fierce Fighting in Syria; Venezuela's. At Rock Bottom;.K.

Markets Close Down; British Pound Falls to 31-Year Low Against Dollar; Concerns About Impact of Brexit.K. October 07, 2015 Blatter Denies Facing fifa Suspension; Boardroom Battle over Bud Brewery Bid; Volkswagen.S. Orders All Non-Emergency Staff to Leave Iraq. Is Carrying Out Air Strikes on Iraq; Perfect Storm for the Markets? And China Are At Crossroads Negotiating On So Many Levels; JCPenney Exec Leaving The Struggling Retailer To Become Lowe's New Chief Executive; European Markets Closed Firmly In The Red; Talk Of A Mega Banking Merger Between Barclays And Standard. Parliament President Stepping Down; Trump Makes Progress on Keeping Manufacturer.S.; Green Party Candidate Presses for Recount; Chinese Travel Company Buys Skyscanner; India Twenty under Forty; Holiday Shopping Gets Political November 23, 2016 Dow Closes at New Record;. Debate; Samsung Stops Producing "Exploding" Phones; Hungarian Newspaper Abruptly Closes; Contact Theorists Awarded Nobel Economics Prize; Tecate "Beer Wall" Ad Combats Debate Rhetoric. Aired 4-5p ET October 31, 2017 Did Not Air This Date October 30, 2017 Did Not Air This Date October 27, 2017 Spain Tumbles into Constitutional Crisis; Triumphant Tech Stocks Rally to Record; Puerto Rico Power Contract Under Fire;. Sanctions Undermine Trust in Dollar; brics Leaders Urge Support for WTO; United Nations Says it's Running Out of Cash; Hospital Says it Treated Marchionne for More than a Year; Questions Arise Over Duty of CEOs Disclosing their Health Information; BP Invests 10 Billion.S. Aired 4-5p ET August 09, 2016 Carl Icahn Backs Trumps New Economic Plan; Trump Says Hillary Wants to Abolish the 2nd Amendment;.S. Airlines to Ignore Beijing's Demands. Aired 4-4:30p ET December 29, 2016.S.