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If your boss provides you with a travel allowance, these obvious savings will be great news for him / her too! Customise Your Schedule, finding a work-life balance is so much simpler when you get to work from home and there is no reason why you need to work from. Although you do need to make yourself available during these working hours (via Skype, cell phone, email etc. Watch the exciting career opportunities available to FAA Technicians. Job Description, airway Transportation Systems Specialist (Electronics Systems Technician) perform in the capacity of highly specialized electronics technicians. Airway Transportation Systems Specialists. Thanks to the new resources available, it is possible to work from home and get as much done as you would if you were working in the office. The median annual wage for air traffic control specialists was 127,805 in 2016. That is why work-life balance is an essential part of working at Lodam. For unsolicited positions: You are welcome to send us your CV if your profile matches Lodam but you cant find an opening above. You will receive confirmation when we have received your application. . For instance, you can choose to work from 5 am -7 am and then take the kids to school, work from 8 am -12 pm and then visit the grocery store for dinner supplies before fetching.

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Pay, Benefits, Hours, the air traffic simulator at O'Hare provides a virtual experience with real benefits to new controller trainees. Depending on how close you live to your place of work, travel costs can add up very quickly. The primary duties of an atss are linked to maintaining the safe and efficient operating capacity of the vast and complex network of electronics systems required for the world's largest air traffic control and navigation system. Enhance Discipline and Improve Productivity, most employers will argue that working from home jobs allow for procrastination and arent nearly as productive as office jobs. So if you are skilled in your field and ambitious about your future we would love to hear from you. Anchorage Ramp Service, anchorage, Alaska, manager Talent Acquisition - Flight Operations, Maintenance, Engineering. 53 Jobs, featured Jobs, manager Corporate Security, seattle, Washington.

Think of the money that you will save by simply opting to work remotely? Every minute, every hour, every day, there are men and women working to ensure the safety and efficiency of our national airspace system. Additional responsibilities in the environmental, navigational aids, radar or automation fields may also be required. Minimum Requirements, be a United States citizen, be age 30 or under (on the closing date of the application period. As a Federal employee, air traffic control specialists receive a benefits package that rivals, if not surpasses, those offered in the private sector, with a variety of insurance, retirement, leave and flexible spending options for employees and their families.

Note: The job duties listed are typical examples of work performed by atsss, however, not all duties assigned to every atss are included, nor it is expected that all atsss will be assigned every duty. This, work from home controller jobs however, simply isnt true. Because of the serious nature of this work and zero margin for error, the training regimen and proficiencies needed to become an air traffic control specialist, are demanding. you also have the freedom to start working earlier or to work later; and, as long as you work a specific number of hours as decided upon by your boss, you need not work these hours all at once. Get answers to your frequently asked questions about air traffic control specialist requirements. This involves working with surveillance radar, weather, communications, automation, and navigational aid equipment as well as various environmental support facilities and equipment. The annual salary for more advanced controllers who have completed on-the-job training varies with the location of the facility, the complexity of the airspace, and other factors. More, less, filter by Title, more Less. Think about how many times you have been distracted after being forced to listen to a co-worker speaking to a client at the top of their voice? Air Traffic Control Specialists, watch Controller Trainees talk about the importance of their new profession.

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Diese Seite verwendet Cookies, um Ihnen den bestmöglichen Service zu gewährleisten. Contact, join our team for the challenge of a lifetime. Student Project: Testing of embedded software. Be work from home controller jobs willing to relocate to an FAA facility based on agency staffing needs. This includes, but is not limited to: lighted navigational aids systems, engine generators (with or w/o transfer switches heating ventilating and air conditioning systems and power sources/power conditioning systems. Pass a medical examination, pass a security investigation, pass the FAA air traffic pre-employment tests.

Meet our employees, work-life balance. The FAA offers employment opportunities for individuals with previous air traffic control experience, as well as entry-level trainee air traffic control specialists, through separate job vacancy announcements posted for a limited time throughout the year. You will receive confirmation when we have received your application. At Lodam we are always looking for talented, dedicated people. San Francisco, CA (2 anchorage, AK (1 fairbanks, AK (1). Learn more about benefits. Informationen über den Einsatz von Cookies erhalten Sie in work from home controller jobs unserer.

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Radar, aTSSs assigned to work within the radar specialty are associated with the installation, maintenance, modification and certification of surveillance and radar systems and services such as: Airport Surveillance Radar, Air Route Surveillance Radar, Air Traffic Control Beacon Indicator, Airport Surface. Atsss may be required to maintain entire facilities, subsystems, or individual services or equipment that assist in the safe and expedient movement of air traffic throughout the NAS. The following five specialties encompass the duties of an atss electronic equipment/systems technician: Environmental, aTSSs assigned to work with systems in the environmental specialty may be required to install, maintain, modify and certify facilities, services and equipment. Field Service Specialist - Executive Support. They are also responsible for various auxiliary duties that contribute to providing reliable and safe FAA services to the flying public. Smaller facilities have more standard dawn to dusk operating hours. San Francisco, California, shift Manager Line Maintenance, seattle, Washington. As long as the individual has a quiet working space at home in which to retreat, discipline and productivity levels are sure to rise substantially, exceeding what they would be like in an office environment. Learn more about the general, knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) of a successful air traffic control specialist. Please contact for other projects, internships or different requests. Before your boss cuts you off with statements like Nobody has the discipline to make an arrangement like that work or What if I need to speak to you about something urgent and youre not here?, below are three.

Student Project: Fieldlogger, student Project: Inverter Simulation Model, student Project: Modelling SW damping of slim DC-link capacitors. Additional responsibilities in the environmental, communication, radar or automation fields may also be required. Unsolicited applications, don't forget to tell us about. Reduce Your Travel Costs. Additional responsibilities in the communication, environmental, navigational aids, or radar fields may also be required). PNet job portal for the latest job listings in your industry). The salaries for entry-level air traffic control specialists increase as they complete each new training phase.

Los Angeles, California, recruiter II, seattle, Washington, contract Service Lead. Watch how FAA Technicians Certify the Safety of the National Airspace System. Automation atsss assigned to work with systems in the automation specialty are associated with the installation, maintenance, modification and certification of automation-related systems and services such as: Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System, Automated Radar Terminal System, Direct Access Radar Channel, En Route Automation Modernization, etc. Follow a flight across America and its interaction with various FAA air traffic control facilities. Below you will find a list of current job openings. Entry-level applicants must complete required training courses at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City* and gain on-the-job experience before becoming certified professional controllers. Seattle, Washington, reliability Engineer, seattle, Washington, supervisor Line Maintenance.

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Larger air traffic control facilities operate continuously, and employees may rotate among day, evening, and night shifts, along with weekends and holidays. Navigational Aids atsss assigned to work with systems in the navigational aids specialty may be required to install, inspect/evaluate, repair, maintain, modify, and certify various navigational aid related systems and services. All applications, including unsolicited, must be uploaded via the links below. Diese Seite verwendet Cookies, um Ihnen den bestmöglichen Service zu gewährleisten. Wenn Sie auf der Seite weitersurfen, stimmen Sie der Cookie-Nutzung. Watch Controller Trainees talk about the importance of their new profession.

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