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Since our 2017 Annual Shareholders Meeting, we invited most of our 60 largest institutional shareholders, representing over 500 million Shares, to participate in this outreach program, and we ultimately engaged with shareholders representing approximately 450 million Shares. New York: Sterling Publishers. Our board would benefit from the valuable insights and perspective. . Department of State, Web. Hsbc Holdings plc Visa Inc. Proxy Statement Executive Compensation Tables Equity Compensation Plan Information The following table provides certain information as of the end of fiscal 2018 with respect to Shares that may active network work from home jobs be issued under our companys existing equity compensation plans. Lores employment without cause,. For purposes of these agreements, a competing business includes any retail, wholesale, or merchandising business that sells products of the type sold by our company, is located in a country in which our company has retail operations.

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1: Election of Directors Walmart 2018 Proxy Statement 11 Summary of Director Nominee Qualifications and Experience The chart below identifies the balance of skills and qualifications each director nominee brings to the Board. The number of performance-based restricted stock units that vest, if any, depends on whether we achieve certain levels of performance with respect to certain performance measures. The Board reviewed and ratified all unanimous written consents of the Executive Committee during fiscal 2018. The Board values. Salary (column (c) Represents salaries earned during the fiscal years shown. The cmdc believes that combining annual performance goals with a three-year vesting period effectively balances long-term focus with clear and understandable performance goals. Furners target TDC is below the median. 1) tDocument( data ).then( function(pdf) 2) en( function(page) 3) en( function(textContent what you finally get is an string array diTexts. For purposes of this agreement, a competing business generally means a business engaged in eCommerce, selling goods, groceries, merchandise or services directly online or through an online marketplace. (2) Represents the weighted average exercise price of options to purchase 61,041 Shares and the rights to acquire 4,892,038 Shares that may be issued under the equity compensation plans for asda associates described in footnote (1) above.

Our NEOs and other Executive Officers are employed on an at-will basis. Align management interests with the interests of our shareholders by providing long-term incentives in the form of equity. @param callbackAllDone The input parameter of callback function is * the result of extracted text from pdf file. If the date of the 2019 Annual Shareholders Meeting is more than 30 days before, or more than 60 days after the anniversary date, then notice must be received at Walmarts principal executive offices not more. 2, the aforementioned relationship usually takes the form of funding, military training, arms, or other forms of material assistance which assist a belligerent party in sustaining its war effort.

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There are several key differences in our business compared to other publicly-traded retailers in the.S., including our size, our significant international operations, our product mix, and our variety of formats. It is difficult to effectively apply relative TSR and other relative performance metrics to Walmarts executive compensation program. Harris 2,629 0 2,629 * Thomas. Additionally, certain performance share unit awards provide that if an NEOs employment terminates by reason of disability or by reason of death prior to completing 10 years of service with our company, a prorated portion of his or her performance. 21 Also significant was the SovietAfghan War, which cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars, 22 bankrupting the Soviet Union and contributing to its collapse. Brett Biggs 204,377 0 204,377 * James. Penner* Chairman Joined the Board: 2008 Age: 48 Board Committees Executive Committee GCC Other Current Public Company Directorships None. Similarly, an Independent Director may retire before serving 12 years in order to stagger turnover on the Board or a Board committee. As Walmart continues its exciting transformation, were changing the way we work, the way we do business and it made sense to change how we approach our Annual Shareholders Meeting and Celebration. From July 2012 through June 2017,. Under the nyse Listed Company Rules, to be considered independent: the director must not have a disqualifying relationship, as described in the nyse Listed Company Rules; and the Board must affirmatively determine that the director otherwise has no direct or indirect. Brett Biggs 2018 3,176,015 4,764,023 Gregory. During fiscal 2018,Walmart issued 533,113 Shares.

1: Election of Directors Strategy Retail Experience As the worlds largest retailer, we seek directors who possess an understanding of financial, operational, and strategic issues facing large retail companies. Request to Adopt an Independent Chair Policy o o. Central Time Bud Walton Arena University of Arkansas Campus Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701 This is our traditional event to recognize and celebrate Walmarts associates from around the world as well as shareholders. We believe that this structure mitigates any incentive to pursue strategies that would increase our sales at the detriment of ROI performance. Furners long-term performance equity is based on Sams Club sales and total company ROI performance, as calculated for incentive plan purposes and as described above on page. The purpose of this review is to determine whether the related person has a direct or indirect material interest in the transaction. Your Board continues to play a key role in overseeing our ongoing transformation. Performance Metric Weighting Performance ( of Target) Payout ( of Target) Fiscal 2018 Incentive Payout Total Company OI 75 125.0 116.4 2,207,758 Total Company Sales.5 Long-term incentive.

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Therefore, an abstention will not have any effect on the election of directors. ECommerce not exceeding a pre-determined dollar amount. This is especially significant when standing peace treaties, acts of alliance, or other international agreements ostensibly forbid direct warfare: breaking such agreements could lead to a variety of negative consequences due to either negative international reaction (see above punitive. The chart below illustrates the alignment between our CEOs realized pay and TSR over the last three fiscal years: CEO Realized Pay (1) Realized pay includes base salary, annual incentive earned for the fiscal year shown, restricted stock vested. In connection with these Board meetings, our directors learn more about the local business market through meetings with our business leaders in these markets, visits to our stores and other facilities in the local market, and visits to the stores of our competitors. Foran 269,990 0 269,990 * Sarah. Because the Walmart 401(k) was amended in 2011 to eliminate the profit sharing component, the serp was frozen to new contributions as of January 31, 2013. Furner represent the vesting of cash-settled awards.

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This process begins with the Boards review of the companys overall enterprise strategy and long-term financial plan beginning in the spring and culminating at an annual Board strategic planning meeting. Prior to his service at our company, he was an associate at Allen Overy, LLP in London from 2007 to 2010, where he advised companies on securities offerings. The 2018 Annual Shareholders Meeting will be the formal portion of our traditional annual shareholders meetings at which shareholders can vote on the proposals detailed in this proxy statement, including the election of directors, the non-binding, advisory resolution to approve named executive. These changes were informed by our ongoing and extensive engagement with our institutional shareholders, whose views are always important. Where will the 2018 Annual Shareholders Meeting be held? This article is about the type of war. From McKinsey Company. Walton was in private law practice as a partner with the law firm of Conner Winters in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Walton o o o Company Proposals: For Against Abstain. 9 In addition, the proliferation of televised media and its impact on public perception made the US public especially susceptible to war-weariness and skeptical of risking American life abroad. Immaterial Positions The director or one or more members of the directors immediate family is a director or trustee or was a director or trustee (but not an executive officer or employee) of an entity during the entitys. This oversight can be diminished when the chairman is not independent.

Mayer brings distinguished experience advanced 5-12 trading strategy pdf in internet product development, engineering, and brand management. Lore shown in this column includes 3,020,980 restricted stock units granted. Our Board has separated the roles of Chairman and CEO, and we have a robust Lead Independent Director role. Hammons Center 3303. Turner continues to be an associate, and, in fiscal 2019, he may receive compensation and other benefits in amounts similar to or greater than those he received during fiscal 2018. Douglas McMillon o o. McMillons more than 25 years of retail experience and his leadership role developing and executing our strategy to deliver seamless shopping at scale. Douglas McMillon is omitted from this table because he received compensation only as an associate of our company during fiscal 2018 and did not receive any additional compensation for his duties as a director. Mayer spent 13 years at Google Inc. Our NEOs performance-based pay for fiscal 2018 was based on achieving objective, pre-established financial goals for the following weighted metrics: In order to make results comparable from year-to-year for purposes of our incentive programs, total company and International sales. If your Shares are held through the 401(k) Plan or the Wal-Mart Puerto Rico 401(k) Plan, you must provide instructions on how you wish to vote your Shares held through such plans no later than 11:59.m. For other Executive Officers, including our NEOs. McKesson Corporation Cisco Systems, Inc.

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Because these RSUs were part of the consideration paid by Walmart to acquire m, the cmdc does not view the RSUs as part. ECommerce Table of Contents This CD A is organized as follows: Executive Summary provides an overview of our strategy, our executive compensation philosophy, framework, and practices, how our pay is aligned with performance, and the feedback we have received from our shareholders. Shareholder Proposals Walmart 2018 Proxy Statement 89 Summary Our strategy is to make every day easier for busy families and to be the most trusted retailer during a time in the retail industry when customers are embracing tools that save them both time and money. The use of cameras, camcorders, videotaping equipment, and other recording devices will not be permitted in the John. Flynn Independent Director Joined the Board: 2012 Age: 61 Board Committees Audit (Chair) spfc Other Current Public Company Directorships JPMorgan Chase . EO Pay and Performance Summaries describes how we link pay and performance to determine NEO compensation; each NEOs summary includes their individual accomplishments for fiscal 2018 and how those accomplishments were considered by the cmdc when making compensation decisions. To 11/hour and paid over 625 million in bonuses to hourly Walmart.S. Walton worked in our companys International division as a Senior Director, International Mergers and Acquisitions. Pinnacle Hills Parkway, Rogers, AR 72758 Date and Time: May 30, 2018 at 10:00.m. You can get the text content from that. When is the 2018 Annual Shareholders Meeting?

Economic Mobility and Inclusion Walmart is the rare company where it is possible to build a career where each job can serve as a pathway to greater opportunity. Representatives of EY will attend the 2018 Annual Shareholders Meeting. In order for advanced 5-12 trading strategy pdf the second half of these shares to vest, Walmart.S. Board Refreshment and Succession Planning The NGC is responsible for identifying and evaluating potential director candidates, for reviewing the composition of the Board and Board committees, and for making recommendations to the full Board on these matters. Each Outside Director may elect to defer the receipt of this stock grant in the form of stock units that are settled in Shares following the end of the directors Board service.

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We excluded retailers from this group because those companies were already represented in the Retail Industry Survey. Who is retiring from the Board and is not standing for re-election at the 2018 Annual Shareholders Meeting. Brett Biggs 85,013 9,062,386 93,136 9,928,298 Gregory. Are my votes confidential? Proxy Statement Corporate Governance Board Oversight of Legislative Affairs, Public Policy Engagement, Charitable Giving, and Sustainability The NGC reviews and advises management regarding the companys legislative affairs and public policy engagement strategy, as well as the companys charitable giving strategy and. 5, the, ottoman Empire likewise used the, barbary pirates as proxies to harass Western European powers in the. The cmdcs independent compensation consultant has done a statistical analysis of our NEOs target TDC and found that, on a size-adjusted basis, our NEOs target TDC are near the median of comparable positions within our peer groups. Brett Biggs 1,013,879 John. After careful deliberation, we determined that separating our formal business and our celebration into two, distinct events helps focus each meeting on its respective purpose and will provide a more relevant and valuable overall experience to our shareholders and associates. A- Proxy Statement Annex A Directions for 2018 Annual Shareholders Meeting and Associate/Shareholder Celebration Annual Shareholders Meeting Place: John. Throughout the year, the Audit Committee had full access to management, EY, and internal auditors. If I participate in the Walmart 401(k) Plan or the Wal-Mart Puerto Rico 401(k) Plan and I have a portion of my interest invested in Walmart stock, I also direct the Retirement Plans Committee of the respective plan. Since 2011, the Audit Committee has been conducting an internal investigation into, among other things, alleged violations of the.S.

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In accordance with the SECs rules, we do not use software that identifies visitors accessing our proxy materials on our website. Robson Walton* Director Joined the Board: 1978 Age: 73 Board Committees spfc Executive Committee GCC Other Current Public Company Directorships None. Proxy Statement Corporate Governance Related Person Transaction Process The following chart shows our process for identification and disclosure of related person transactions. The Board recommends a vote FOR each of the nominees. This is an ancient question, but because pdf. Therefore, we believe the adoption of this proposal is unnecessary and would distract from our ongoing execution of these important commitments and initiatives. Further, the Audit Committee and the Board believe it is in the best interests of Walmart and our companys shareholders to retain EY as our companys independent accountants for fiscal 2019. The grant date fair value of the equity awards awarded on January 29, 2018 was determined based on a per-Share amount of 109.55, which was the closing price of a Share on the nyse on that date. Lore provides that, for a period of five years from Walmarts acquisition of m,.

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While the Select Fortune 100 includes many larger companies than the Retail Industry Survey, Walmart is still the largest company within the Select Fortune 100 in terms of revenues, and is the third largest in terms of market capitalization. The cmdc regularly reviews our executive compensation program to ensure that compensation is closely tied to aspects of our companys performance that our Executive Officers can impact and that are likely to have an impact on shareholder value. Flynn joined the boards of Alcoa Corporation in November 2016 and UnitedHealth Group Incorporated in January 2017. 702 Southwest 8th Street Bentonville, Arkansas the entire advanced 5-12 trading strategy pdf Board at ; the Independent Directors at ; the Outside Directors at ; or any individual director, at the full name of the director as listed under Proposal.1 Election of Directors followed by @m. Robson Walton 3,345,174 1,415,891,131 (3) 81,002,271 (4) 1,085,805 (8) 1,501,324,381.85 (1) The business address of Alice. Investment Community Communications Policy; These materials are also available in print at no charge to any shareholder who requests a copy by writing to: Walmart Inc., Global Investor Relations Department, 702 Southwest 8th Street, Bentonville, Arkansas. We believe the combination of the skills and qualifications shown below demonstrates how our Board is well positioned to provide effective oversight and strategic advice to our management. He previously served as a member of the board of directors of The Chubb Corporation from September 2013 until its acquisition in January 2016. 2018 Annual Shareholders Meeting Wednesday May 30, 2018 10:00.m. Walmart engages in the political process when we believe that doing so will serve the best interests of the company and our shareholders. Historically, three members of the Walton family have been members of our Board, and the NGC and the Board believe this is appropriate in light of the Walton familys significant and long-term Share ownership. L 0 l l Doug McMillon (51) Senior Leadership Retail Global/International Technology/eCommerce 2013 President and CEO, Walmart 0 Greg Penner (48) (Board Chairman) Senior Leadership Retail Global/International Technology/eCommerce Finance/Accounting 2008 Chairman, Walmart and Partner, Madrone Capital Partners 0 Steve Reinemund (70) Senior Leadership Global/International. This summary highlights information contained elsewhere in this proxy statement.

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The cmdc, which consists of four independent directors, is responsible for establishing and approving executive compensation for all officers subject to Section 16, including the CEO and other NEOs, and for overseeing our executive compensation program (see page 23 for more information about the cmdc). We urge all shareholders to express their choices on each voting matter described on the proxy card or the voting instruction form (which you will receive from your broker, bank, or other nominee, if your Shares are held in street name). Associate wage and training initiatives. McMillon accelerated Walmarts transformation strategy to become the first company to offer a seamless shopping experience at scale. Compensation Committee Report The cmdc has reviewed and discussed with our companys management the CD A included in this proxy statement and, based on that review and discussion, the cmdc recommended to the Board that the CD A be included in this proxy statement. Despite their substantial ownership in the company, the members of the Walton family traditionally have held only three seats on our Board. Systrom is the CEO and co-founder of Instagram, where he managed the company from its founding in 2010 through a period of extremely rapid growth and through the purchase of Instagram by Facebook, Inc.

McMillons fiscal 2018 target TDC was approximately at the 75th percentile of the Top 50 Market Cap peer group and in the top quartile of the Retail Industry and Select Fortune 100 peer groups. The Audit Committee is directly responsible for the appointment, compensation, retention, and oversight of the independent accountants. For more information about specific enhancements to our global ethics and compliance program during fiscal 2018, please see Doug McMillons letter about our Global Ethics and Compliance Program, which is available on our website at CD A 4: Fiscal 2018 Performance. In order for these RSUs to vest and be paid out,. . Corporate Governance Walmart 2018 Proxy Statement 27 Management Development and Succession Planning Our Board places a high priority on senior management development and succession planning.