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If the earnings increases are strong and better than the rest of the competition, then the company is in a good position to have a strong period of growth, and therefore, be a sound investment. Im with Dennis on that. I have read some of your posts here and think you give excellent consistent answers. Selecting second-rate stocks because of dividends or low P/E ratios. While the long-term prospects may be bright, short-term losses will likely add up quickly. As with any investment, the stock market carries with it a certain degree of risk, regardless of which stock strategy investors choose. In case youre wondering: What is canslim trading strategy? NO representation IS being made that ANY account will OR IS likely TO achieve profits OR losses similar TO those shown).

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Not only should those earnings be higher than they were in the same period the year before, they should be trending upward on an annual basis as well (in other words, one quarter of substantial growth is not enough. Carefully average up, not down, and cut every single loss when it is 7 or 8 below your purchase price with absolutely no exception. From the first time I read. Past results of any individual trader or trading system published by Company are not indicative of future returns by that trader or system, and are not indicative of future returns which be realized by you. For instance, investors who buy in just before a bear market emerges can literally be wiped out if they are not careful. A Annual Earnings, although current earnings will tell investors where the company currently stands, annual earnings tend to paint a more complete financial picture. These are not readily manipulated because they are generally founded in core fundamentals, like the trend in earnings. The company should have an excellent new product or service that is selling well.

The original edition is one of the first books I read about when I was getting my start in trading and I still consider it to be perhaps the single most influential of all the ones Ive read. Even the ones using the same system have variations in how they are doing so in terms of timeframe and instrument and such. The canslim stock strategy requires a careful analysis of the most recent earnings per share(. I have your book and I think its great, im about half way through. A business with an RPS of 75 indicates that the stock of this company has outperformed 75 of the stocks in the market group. To put it most simply, the canslim approach combines technical analysis and fundamental analysis into one full long-only individual stock trading system. It should not be assumed that the methods, techniques, or indicators presented in these products will be profitable or that they will not result in losses. It should also have a big market for its product and the opportunity for repeat sales.

Disclaimer: By distributing this website, the Editors of Steady Trader (collectively referred to as Company are neither providing investment advisory services nor acting as registered investment advisors or broker-dealers; they also do not purport to tell or suggest which securities. Keep stocks that outperform and get rid of the laggards. Laying it all out, those who have read. The Company, the authors, the publisher, and all affiliates of Company assume no responsibility or liability for your trading and investment results. Your ego could cost you a lot of money. Stubbornly holding onto losses. Another 12 is due to strength in its overall sector. It can be found in the book. But before it does, it will see its stock prices plummet, and take any investor still clinging to it down as well. . ONeil is one of the greatest stock traders of our time, achieving a return of 5000 over a 25 year period. Not being able to make up your mind when a decision needs to be made. We know this to be true.

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2, Buying on the way down in price. Founded a national financial daily newspaper called. His financial successes led him to: Open a brokerage firm, the William ONeil. Thats one reason why I dont see the canslim methodology as being too obvious or anything like that. Buy stocks are they initially breakout out of sound and is canslim still a viable trading strategy today proper bases with volume for the day 50 or more above normal trading volume. This, however, is a minor thing in the grand scheme. S: Supply and demand. A high IQ and a masters degree are not guarantees of market success. I read that you are a canslim follower with a small deviation.

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It is also true that larger investors, such as pension funds and insurance companies, are more likely to buy long-term, stable investments. Although canslim is not truly a market timing strategy (where investors try to "beat the market" is canslim still a viable trading strategy today by buying stocks at their lowest and selling at their highest - at least in theory it is important for investors to understand the basic environment of the stock market. There are millions of traders and investors using a vast array of methods for deciding what and how to take positions in the markets. Hypothetical OR simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. The stock should have ownership by top management.

S Supply/Demand, actually, is canslim still a viable trading strategy today it might make more sense for the "S" to stand for size as the canslim stock strategy assumes that it is easier for smaller companies to have significant growth spurts than larger ones. On top of that, there are always those who simply cant stick to the rules. You want your stocks to have increasing institutional sponsorship over the last several quarters. How to Make Money in Stocks, though, it made intuitive sense to me, and still does. Investors can identify leaders from losers by looking at the Relative Price Strength (RPS). . Buy Nasdaq stocks mainly selling between 15 and 300 a share and nyse stocks from 20 to 300 a share. Therefore, investors should always decide if the market is trending up or down before committing to any stock purchase using the canslim stock strategy. Canslim is an acronym and stands for: C: Current quarterly earnings per share (up at least.

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N: New products, new management and new highs. Wanting to make a quick and easy buck. Make sure your stock has at least one or two better-performing mutual funds who have bought it in the last reporting period. To be sure, there is definitely some canslim gaming that goes on, but its more about the lists the folks at IBD is canslim still a viable trading strategy today publish than the? core strategy.? There is a list of 100 stocks the IBD folks put out each. Last week I received an inquiry from a fellow member. I Institutional Sponsor, every growing business needs the sponsorship of institutional investors in order to be taken seriously as a sound investment opportunity.

Buying on tips, rumours, split announcements, and other news events, stories, or opinions you hear from supposed market experts. However, much larger increases are always welcome. . Therefore, half of is canslim still a viable trading strategy today a stocks move is due to the strength of its respective group. L : Leaders and laggards. Three out of four stocks follow the trend of the market. Write out your sell rules that show when you will sell and nail down a profit in your stock. When this happens, the stock can potentially become more volatile in the event of a natural disaster or crisis, because institutional investors are apt to sell off. In fact, the "new" in canslim may refer to a new product, entrance into a new and untapped market, or perhaps even a recent management upheaval. But, for those businesses towards the bottom of the market, investors are lucky to see even a modest return their on investment. Unless there is some run on the stock which saps supply, such large transactions may actually drive prices downward. Companies that manage to continually lead their industry typically have great returns, and are fundamentally sound. . The canslim stock strategy takes this idea a step further and requires businesses to have a minimum of 3 institutional investors.

And, while there may be no guarantees, the canslim stock strategy does remove the guesswork from choosing stock investments to a certain extent, and provides investors with a solid foundation from which to base future decisions. Such set-ups are not solicitations of any order to buy or sell. ONeil, one of the greatest stock traders of our time. Typically, when the market is expanding and prices are increasing, the daily volume will be lower as investors hold onto their stock in hopes that it will go even higher (and by doing so, keep the supply of outstanding shares off. However, when a bear market emerges, stocks begin to contract, and stock prices begin to drop, people will sell off their stocks in an attempt to cut their losses. . Companies with better-than-average returns tend to see their stock prices rise rapidly, which is why canslim investors target such businesses. Im not saying the canslim methodology is for everyone. Dont try to buy a stock at the bottom or on the way down in price, and dont average down (If you buy at 40, dont buy more if it goes to 35 or 30). The relative price strength looks at companies over a given period of time and then ranks them from 1-99. .