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WAS ProComm Script File (source code) ProComm WAV Sound format (Microsoft Windows riff wave) Media Player WAX ProComm compiled script ProComm WB1 Notebook Quattro Pro WB2 Quattro Pro WBF Microsoft Windows Batch File Catch WBK Document/workbook or Microsoft Word. Org.*drawing template OpenOffice. Packed mail FTN software SUB Subtitle format SubViewer ; Author David Dolinski SUF Sony camera configuration file (f) xdcam-EX camcorders SUI suit library Simple User Interface Toolkit SUM Summary SUN Sun rasterfile graphics file SUO Solution User Options for Microsoft Visual Studio. Smith Check the amavis-users mailing list. Gz (also known as amavisd-new-20040824) ( md5 sum ) amavisd-new-2.1.0.tar. performance pre-forked reusable children managed by Net:Server Perl module, saving on process creations and startup latency; significant speedups (25 with fast day trading risk management strategies AV scanner compared to amavisd-snapshot with the same AV scanner) in smtp relay configuration; directory and temporary file. Backup file BKC Backup catalog Backup4all BKF Backup archive Windows NTBackup Utility BKn Timed backup file for document window n WordPerfect for Win BKP Backup file Write - TurboVidion DialogDesigner BKW Mirror image of font set FontEdit BLD BLoaDable. Gz (also known as amavisd-new-20080312) ( md5 sum ) amavisd-new-2.5.3.tar. Log amavisd Running in a chroot jail and Razor agents complain about " Invalid argument "?

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Gz (also known as amavisd-new-20040906) ( md5 sum ) amavisd-new-2.1.1.tar. Dunn, based on amavisd-new-2.7.0; OpenBSD port in the mail software ports section ( /usr/ports/mail/amavisd-new maintained by Giovanni Bechis. DXN Fax Fujitsu dexNET DXP SpotFire data tibco Spotfire DXP ISO creation project file CD Burner XP Pro DYN Data Lotus 1-2-3 E E language source code E E2D 2-dimensional vector graphics file Editor bdb binary options included in JFire EAS Extended file attributes. The HUP method causes amavisd to stumble over its feet. Exe HSH Disk image hash file DriveSnapshot HSI Handmade Software Inc. Org OTL Outline font description Z-Soft Type Foundry OTL Ventura Publisher's Type Foundry Outline Editor format OTP OpenDocument presentation template OpenOffice. Always check the syntax of SA configuration file after making changes to it,.g.: su - vscan -c 'spamassassin -lint' The proper forum for general SpamAssassin questions is the SAtalk mailing list ; versions of SA older than.63. Gz (also known as amavisd-new-20041222) ( md5 sum ) amavisd-new-2.2.0.tar. You make have to rebuild BerkeleyDB as well. Gz is a maintenance update of.6 branch, backporting all bug fixes from the.7.0-pre* development cycle : amavisd-new-2.7.0-rc1.tar. Please select and delete these old temporary directories,.g. Gz : An exploitable security problem in file(1) utility version.19 and older has been found by Jean-Sébastien Guay-Leroux. The possible damage is limited to what a non-privileged UID can accomplish in normal setups, and can further be limited using a chroot setup.

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EXE WPK Macros WordPerfect for Win WPL MediaRack Wave Playlist MediaRack WPL Windows Media Playlist, for Windows Media Player WPM Macros WordPerfect WPS Text document Microsoft Works WQ! Gz release candidate : amavisd-new-2.5.4.tar. If these problems show, one may stay with smtp protocol, or upgrade Postfix.0. K Sophos ) that fail to be detected due to a malformed mime header, which gets decoded differently (and correctly, considering standards!) by mime:Parser, yet certain mail readers decode it differently, forming a virus. MDT Data table Microsoft ILink incremental linker MDX Multiple index file dbase IV MDZ Text description of music module Cubic Player - Cross-View ME MultiEdit configuration MultiEdit ME Text file MEB Macro Editor bottom overflow file WordPerfect Library MEC.

A command like sendmail -Ac -qp1m may be placed in the sendmail init script, if not already there; Postfix: versions before Postfix.0 had two minor problems with its lmtp client - it may fail to parse its. Ever since I installed BerkeleyDB.26 off cpan I've not had the problem. Gz (also known as amavisd-new-20050509) ( md5 sum ) amavisd-new-2.3.0.tar. Clamd along with some commercial virus scanner). BIO BioniX Wallpaper playlist file BioniX Wallpaper Changer BIO OS/2 bios BIT Bitmap X11 BIT Encrypted file FinalCrypt BK! Even in e-mail, malware may be carried in encrypted or scrambled form, or simply as a plain text, using social engineering techniques to persuade recipient to fetch or activate malware. Grdnt GRE data Grenoble Thermal Ellipsoids Plot Program GRF Graph file Graph Plus - Charisma grib Gridded Binary GRN Drivers for GRX (graphics library) GRX (c) Free Soft. This permits per-recipient individual settings, while still being efficient for multi-recipient messages; SpamAssassin check is called only once per message regardless of the number of recipients, all header editing and actions taken is then done by amavisd-new for each recipient. /usr/share/magic) or directories where they reside, are not writable by a non-privileged (non-root) user.

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Gz (also known as amavisd-new-20110407) ( md5 sum bdb binary options ) amavisd-new-2.6.4.tar. Yal Arts Letters YC Archive yacc (YAC. Savi-Perl) busily creating temporary files? Protection against denial-of-service (DoS) attacks Because amavisd-new tries to recursively unpack and decode each mail as deeply as possible, this may be abused by malware. Amavisd-new is written entirely in Perl, with taint mode Perl checking enabled. Org Writer STX Electronic book SmarText STX Music format STX Tax form CA-Simply Tax STY Ami Pro Template (Style used by other programs for styles Ami Pro STY Style library or sheet many SU? Instructions for converting database to SQL are in SA distribution in subdirectory sql/ alternatively, one may disable opportunistic (automatic) Bayes auto-expiry (set bayes_auto_expire to 0 in, see Mail:SpamAssassin:Conf man page and do periodic (e.g. History Files LCW Spreadsheet Lucid 3-D LD Long Distance codes file Telix LDA Absolute binary file (load image) PDP-11, RT-11 LD1 Overlay file dbase LDB Data filer database IBM Works for OS/2 LDB Overlay file Microsoft Access. Xz (also known as amavisd-new-20140627) ( gz md5 sum ). Choosing a platform less widespread and popular may help: Alpha or Sparc CPU instead of Intel, *BSD or Tru64 or Solaris instead of Linux (not to mention Windows) may help.