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Dame Fortune again visited the men when George refused to allow a detective to search the Pullmans for some parking signs that had disappeared from around and about the station in Sioux City the night before. Fritz sons sole agents 7 534 Advertising Section Bread and Rolls on the University Tables is furnished by the Walter Freund Bread. Of course there was a villian too, By name the Baron de Pest, Five feet two in his naked feet, From the wilds of the wooly west. Common sense manufacturing CO Olive., Saint Louis,. Look for the trade mark; it signifies the highest quality in dental supplies. East Saint Louis Police Department Ours is the Trade that Service Made goodflllow lumber. It keeps cars looking new. Real Estate Loans in Any Sum. Florist Cut Flowers, Plants and Floral Designs For All Occasions night AND DAY road service 3218. 908 pine street He ran awa r from the Baron, To the land of perpetual ice But before he left he unloaded The Baron's loaded dice. (Continued on Page 547) We only handle Highest Quality of Dental Goods thau AND nolde dental supplies WE sell everythinentist uses main store frisco bldg. She waltzed, she toddled, she shuffled and she shook.

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Cabany tobacco trade marketing strategies geoffrey randall pdf 2931J 18 Advertisin. Foods for The light Squirrel, Lmdell and White House Brands I- Mueller Grocer. Harvard company TON, ohio Ask for Illustrations and Prices Again they are sold at right prices by dealers who are right. Get your Fountain Pen. Oh, list to my sorrowful story. Permanent guests can obtain a splendid room with bath for a month. Guy Golterman earned the name of being the cheapest man on the trip. 22, the party left for Denver, where they stopped for a day to inspect the system of distributing and purifying the city's water supply. The miserable members of the less fortunate schools have gone to meet their maker, and that is as all good Architects would have.

tobacco trade marketing strategies geoffrey randall pdf

"Efficiency Personified" Buy one from us and get with it Service That Satisfies Wielandy-Reller Motor. Louis lindell 56 * eanerd #V v eanerd' l eanerd A Romantic Rhyme (Continued from Page 558) "Marry me the King then cried, "For you must become my wife." The princess complied with this request And they lived a scrappy life. Telephone Main 933 Central 656 Clayton Motor Comparr? One other case of illness was reported that night when "Red" Dixon was seized with acute indigestion, but the application of iced towels soon took him off the hospital list. Of all English tobacco trade marketing strategies geoffrey randall pdf metrical forms it is closest to the natural rhythms of English speech, yet flexible and adaptive to diverse levels of discourse; as a result it has been more frequently and variously used than any other form of versification. There's more room across the shoulders, around the chest and to tuck in than there actually has. His fantastic dancing, his pleasing manner, his courtesy, his perfect use of the English language, and his accommodating disposition earned him the name. Left to their own resources after the show, most of the men retired at an early hour, a few however parading the streets and visiting Chicken Charlie's a notorious hash-house, where great quantities of the feathered delicacy of extremely doubtful origin were consumed.

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But come to think about it Aren't Boys Funny Creatures Too? Main 47 Olive 717. Childlike he wanted to see how the men cut the ice from the river and walked in a leisurely fashion and a dignified manner towards the scene of action. Had the Pikers had a heavyweight they might have won that encounter and thereby their first Valley meet, but they were tobacco trade marketing strategies geoffrey randall pdf forced to forfeit in this class and therefore lost the meet, 4. Ask your dealer for details of our deferred payment plan which places. The last night out was none too mild. See also African-American writers. With the return of the veterans of this year, and the moving up of several good men from the Freshman squad, the chances are exceedingly bright for a successful season in The Business World is Calling Stationery, Blank Books, Loose. The only sure way to get good quality and good value is to rely upon the reputation of the maker. Arthur got wise before anything could be done and hopped off the train. Authorized Dealers hudson-essex automobiles 15 South Meramec Street Clayton,. The Chocolate Shoppe is prepared at all times to serve you light and tasty refreshments. Seven passenger touring AND sedan; four passenger coupe AND pasadena.

It was said that the quartette had some trouble among themselves but this rumor was never confirmed. An Apprehension The Ultimate Car will he High Grade Light Weight Economical Air Cooled "The Franklin of Today Is the Car of Tomorrow" Franklin Motor Car Co locust. Now my tale is unfolded, and I hope it's moral you've found; It's really a truthful story And I trust you'll pass it around. Quietly so as not to wake the other classes." Soph.: "Mike and Ike." Phoenix. On their return, they encountered a severe hail storm, which caused several washouts along the road. When you want the best goods at the lowest possible price, come to Carter Wilson printers Kopman Grocery Co delmar In the Gay Building third AND pine STS. Films left before. Distributors of lothes For Men and Young Men eighth washington AVE, (S-W. Place: Cars parked near entrance to Francis Gymnasium Car Number 1 "Kelly, are you sure I'm the only girl?" Car Number 2 "Oh, Joe, I've lost my earring." Car Number 3 "But I've just met you this evening, Carl.". The feature match of the card, at least from the standpoint of the; spectators, was the heavyweight encounter between Volland and Sargeant.

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42 Advertising Section The Glee Club Trip (Continued from Page 567) in the road bearing the striking name of Sibley, Iowa. Aphorism (af 0 orism 101. Nebraska was defeated, 34 to 32, in a game that required two extra periods. In vacuum tins Metropolitan Cigar tobacco trade marketing strategies geoffrey randall pdf Store 1441 syndicate trust bldg. With the Pikers behind in the last ten seconds of play, Minner tied up the score with a basket from the side of the court which slipped through the hoop just as the gun went off. The Dirty Four started their work.

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20 Advertising Section 547 Boxing (Continued from Page 547) The only Missouri Valley meet was that with Iowa State College. Apocrypha (apok0 rfa. Equipped with wire, disk, or wood wheels as you prefer. Langan Fireproof Storage Co delmar blvd. Earn 100 a Week selling amazing NEW invention Wonderful opportunity for Students to make big money with the oliver Oil- Gas Burners. That night the men were the guests of the Lions Club of Sioux City at a formal dinner. The crowd was entranced by her graceful gyrations and stronger grew her influence over mere man.

Webster groves Both Phones Webster 465 Drug Stores, like Universities, must be "right" must have a Reputation as Washington. The literary movement was associated with the Black Power movement in politics, whose spokesmen, including Stokely Carmichael and Malcolm X, opposed the proponents of integration, and instead advocated black separatism, black pride, and black solidarity. Louis 13 540 Advertising Section Within the Reach of Every One THE building of your practice depends upon the standards that you set in service to your patients. Aporia (apo0 rea 72; 239. Spenser in The Faerie Queene (159096) deliberately employed archaisms (many of them derived from Chaucers medieval English) in order to achieve a poetic style appropriate to his revival of the medieval chivalric romance. "Don, did you notice Phyllis at the prom last evening?" "Perfect knock-out." "Yes and those darling shoes " Oh well, they came from Hamilton- Brown." 39 566 Advertising Section The sktlr YOU appreciate beauty the new Lexington Skylark will be a treat for A you. 100 A week-spare time-easy Slade made 13,500 in 3 months Ames made 279 in one day. PetelTech LLC Books Download A Glossary of Literary Terms, Ninth Edition.H., Harpham, Geoffrey Abrams PDF).

Verne Vance was almost thrown tobacco trade marketing strategies geoffrey randall pdf out of the hotel by the clerk for insisting that he had mail. Certain-teed is a name you can trust. In the 175-pound class Johnny Morse won on a foul in the first round from Clampett of Ames. Stix Mutual Benefit Life Insurance. Joe Cushing favored the men with "Aggravatin' Papa while Shipley paid the price for sending a card of appreciation to a member of the clubs for the wonderful concert given in La Crosse. Who are the dirty four?

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But the dizzy sapheads continue to fall for us and still people think we are brainless." HA-HA-HA." Apologies to Crain in the "Cactus." School and College Pins Emblems and Trophies enameled AND diamond SET insignia graduation gifts Engraved Invitations for Commencements. Natural bridge AND goodfe. 17 544 Advertising Section Belle ttsta (rcfjeetra 'ashington university GUS heimueller 2010 Oregon Avenue. Oldest and Largest Manufacturers of Oil-Gas Burners in the World. Fatima's Day (Continued from Page 348) commenced her plea. He was known only as Curt to the fellows until he hit Omaha, when he acquired the name of "Breath of Spring". Soon after blank verse was introduced by the Earl of Surrey in his translations of Books 2 and 4 of Virgils The Aeneid (about 1540 it became the standard meter for Elizabethan and later poetic drama; a free. Whether your choice will be a profession or some general line of business we can always be of service to you. The grizzly bear he found the Baron And he ate the Baron too; But the tears streamed from his innocent eyes For this he disliked. They gave a private concert for the club and were later the guests of honor at an enormous wild west carnival. Show rooms laclede AVE. The game was lost in the last minute of play when Cozier and Usher came through with baskets for Nebraska. They thought they had found the desired fruit stand at 10th and Capps, but alas, they sold five cent soda for the price of twenty-five cents a bottle.

Louis 24 Advertising' Section 551 Basketball (Continued from Page 549) first encounter Nebraska defeated Washington, 24 to 22, in a game that rivaled the one of the preceding week. Only one thing marred the pleasure of the evening, and that was that John Bohn, the director, suffered from a severe attack of rheu- (Continued on Page 567) 37 564 Advert.s ing- Section. The faith which this business puts in its products justifies your faith in them. Well, there was Arthur the fellow who slept (?) in lower 11; Vetter, the'blond baritone, and Russell, who slept(?) in upper 12; and Kurrus, the' poker hound. He plotted to unseat the King And kidnap his lady fair So he bought a knife and some loaded dice And a great big grizzly bear. Furs sports hats MEN'S hats Alex. Not satisfied with the wonderful entertainment shown the men at the dance, they roamed the streets until the wee hours in the morning. Louis institution Makers of Solid Leather Shoes that wear longer, look better and give more satisfactory service than shoes in which substitutes for leather are used. 23 550 Advertising Section Costumes- For Schools, Colleges, Lodges, Clubs, Parades, Amateur Plays, Society Circuses, Minstrels For Rent by robert schmidt 205 South Fourth. "Everything Pertaining to the Unusual in Gifts" graduation bridge prizes gifts greeting cards engraving olive 4230 Butts Realty Company 726 Chestnut Street Make a specialty of sale of homes near Washington University. Satisfaction is the result of being built right, designed right, with highest quality of materials and thoroughness in manufacture. Louis' Greatest Stationery Store North Sixth tobacco trade marketing strategies geoffrey randall pdf Street 15 542 Advertising Section working girls "Yes, we girls are funny creatures.

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Common Sense Auto Polish is sold under a positive money back guarantee. The Officers and Directors of The Central States Life Insurance Company saint louis, missouri Cordially invite you to call and inspect the Home Office building of the Company, located at 3207 Washington Avenue. In the third round Volland terminated one of his rushes by falling through the ropes far out of the arena when his opponet sidestepped. The month of February was a great month for Verne because of the hilarious time he had on the Glee Club trip, but he says June will be better because he will get his degree and be finished with the "Quad" forever. On March 10, the Piker swimmers met and defeated the strong Kansas Aggie team by the score of 34. Ewerhardt, Gilbert, Mathews, and Frielingsdorf have shown a great deal of class in the "crawl" events, while Kohring and Stark may be counted upon to make themselves felt in the "breast stroke." "Kewpie" Mitchell will fill up a very weak. Webster groves, MO mapi. After a concert, given in the Grand Theatre, under the management. It is true that Sioux City is a city with many country clubs, including the Blue Cow, but Omaha is a city after our own hearts. Service de Luxe 8 Advertising Section 5 lindell Methudy Tire Rubber Co Lindell Avenue Bell, Sidney 4087 Kinloch, Victor 704 Andrew Meyer,. Louis Electrical Supplies and Radio Supplies Has demonstrated its superiority over all others for University and College Photographs.

Coupe and Sedan 1365. Wilhelm scored twenty-seven points for the Bulldogs, while Minner was so closely guarded that he was able to account for but twelve points. JO owered with the wonderful Ansted engine, all hills seem like level x road. 505 Bank of Commerce Building personal: Ollie, please come home at once. Dorris motor CAR. When they are broke Garavelli's and Vescovo's are always open. She moved her feet fast. Sargeant won the decision. McVoy Vice President and General Manager 2 4M Advertising' Section 520 The Devil's Deciple (Continued from Page 319) John Becker as General Burgoyne delighted the audience repeatedly by his excellent interpretation of a role which in its wit and.

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The new queen, the successor of the late Fatima, is hailed in with cries of "Long live Fatima." Now after the huzzahs have died down in the distance the Col. Oliver Oil-Gas Burner Company 2026 Oliver Bldg. Now this king he loved a princess She was young, graceful and fair, Slim, dainty, and very pretty, With golden eyes and laughing hair. Upon the fidelity with which this company's products live up to their name a great business has been built. Of the lesser characters, those standing out were Major Swindon, a contrast to General Burgoyne, played by Hale Nelson with authority and martial vigor, aided greatly by his excellent command of staccato utterance; Essie, the adolescent orphan, enacted. The Red and Green relay team started in with a vengeance and won handily, establishing a Missouri Valley record of 1:52 4/5. We mean the common assurance, heard everywhere in motor car discussion, that "You can't go wrong when you buy a Hupmobile." Convince yourself ask for a Hupmobile Demonstration. Volland's plunges and Sargeant's waiting tactics combined to turn the fight into a farce.

Louis service surveyors' transits AND levels drawing instruments materials AND equipments blue printing Fink Instrument. You all know the cute little curly headed fellow known on the roll-books of the professors as Curt Gallencamp? Guerdan's TWO stores 914 olive street broadway near walnut Best in Hats and Caps Spend a Pleasant Day or Evening on the Mississippi r s s. They constituted the most appreciative audience in the trip due to the fact that the more the dear children applauded the less time would they have for classes. Archetypal criticism 15 antithetical criticism: 156. Every woman wants this greatest of labor-saving devices. Trip (Continued from Page 357) Derby made an all-day trip to Cheesman Dam, an enormous masonry structure 217 feet high, holding back a lake six miles long. And as he ran from the Baron He broke the knife in two And the Baron did not know just what In the wide, wide world. Stinde The thrifty man believes in economy and welcomes ability. But the sun did't rise in the evening And the Fourth of July was postponed So the Princess pardoned the Baron And the King the pardon condoned. All we have to pay for is a lipstick, some powder, and a can of rouge. Reith told Barkie tobacco trade marketing strategies geoffrey randall pdf to be careful but Barkie knew better. 38 Advertisin Section 565 Swimming (Continued from Page 265) in 56 3/5 seconds, equalling the interscholastic record for the event and coming within one-fifth of a second of the "Big Ten" record.