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Personal balance sheets has only been exceeded once before and that was in the late-1990s tech craze. Those who claim to see patterns are being Fooled by Randomness. As Ive said on many occasions, watch what he does ; The Orifice of Omaha is a hoser of a higher order. Bank of Americas Michael Hartnett says, the lowest interest rates in 5,000 years have guaranteed a melt-up trade in risk assets, which explains the 600 wilding of the faangs off the 09 lows. Twitter's algorithms are so dumb that they censored their own CEO, Jack Dorsey jack) f 124 I suspect that it wont be long before First Amendment cases against Facebook, Google, or Twitter will be taken to the Supreme. This also ensures that kids will not form tight, lasting relationships. The challenge is that the message seems to be either Don't worry; be happy or Dont bother. He also marveled at the lack of lawlessness (brawling aside, which he noted was way too consensual). On that note, Sebastian Mallaby gave us a " Crisis for Dummies " description of how cascading failures f 306 Personal Debt How do you make poor people feel wealthy when wages are stagnant? The BBC faces backlash for its decision to cast able-bodied Charlie Heaton in its adaptation of The Elephant Man rather any one of dozens of seriously deformed men who decided their best option was to go to USCs acting. Courts are demanding universities up their games on due process, which is sorely lacking on some campuses. Do the bankers never learn?

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ref 228 Bank and credit analyst Chris Whalen reminds us that the bust was clear by f 229 He now says nothing changed since 2008, but as in 2006, we have convinced ourselves that everything is just fine. To my joy, my former energy position would have cost me another 10 loss had it not been liquidated by my employer. Political CorrectnessAdult Division, political CorrectnessCollegiate Division, political CorrectnessYouth Division. As you financialize the economyas the GDP becomes a measure of how much money is being moved around or what economists call rent seekingit is a reverse Robin Hood wealth distribution. If you believe that valuations are ridiculous, the journey could be fast and hair-raising. One could argue that the Kavanaugh story is one of redemptiona potentially precocious teen showing some questionable judgment. They are replacing this leg of the competition with a quantum mechanics exam and calling it the Cal Tech Admissions Pageant. Bernanke opened the tap; Yellen kept it open and went for a smoke. Late night (early morning) Tweets include gems like jokes about being bankrupt and insolvent, ref 100 which prompted fast response from the SEC (just kidding).

Scholars like Haidt and Lukianoff have burned a lot of ATP trying to understand from whence it came and why. The whole beast can be downloaded as a single PDF Here. GE has 170 billion in debt owing to years of financial f 296 Its productive assets will live on in the hands of new owners, but current holders of its debt and equities will be dealt with severely. (If not, please euthanize.) It seems a shame coinmarketcap bitcoin candy to simply let these fragments of life drift into the void without trying to find an underlying meaning to the human folly. All central banks served up buckets of punch, and the global economy became a sloppy drunk. We focus on credible allegations. Leverage in the.S.

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Jesse Felder jessefelder former hedge fund manager and author of The Felder Report I expect the S P 500 to coinmarketcap bitcoin candy lose approximately two-thirds of its value over the completion of this market cycle. I disagree profoundly: Forcibly jamming rates low, eliciting fixed-income investors to do unnatural things with barnyard animals just to get income, and then stiffing your counterparties with such abominations would be bad karma. Literature published by a California health information provider, in an effort to deal with modern gender issues, refers to the vagina as the front f 612 Those who hatched this idea are now called A-holes. Jordan Bohannan tied Chris Street's University of Iowa record for most consecutive free throws, 34, that had withstood two decades. Marko Kolanovic, JPM Not even King Canute will be able to hold back the next bear when its time. The average household has 140,000 in total f 308 This number does not included unfunded liabilities at the municipal, state, and federal levels. "The art world is the biggest joke going. Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder by Nassim Taleb nntaleb) To the list of terms fragile (easily broken) and robust (hard to break Nassim Taleb suggests the term antifragile (grows more durable under stress).

Although Darwin Awardees in Training are not new, one wonders how many fatalities uploaded to the cloud are caused by the iPhone. The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure by Jonathan Haidt JonHaidt) and Greg Lukianoff Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff are evolutionary psychologists at the vanguard of the fight. Peak-to-peak coinmarketcap bitcoin candy or trough-to-trough (full cycle) inflation-adjusted capital gains.82.2 per annum since 1870. Many will show that the last time we touched the historic mean was in 09, and it stayed marginally below it for about 15 minutes. Somebody recorded a chemistry lecture I gave in Portugal in which you can hear my Yankee-dog jokes f 20 Halfway through dinner that night, I remembered that one of my three compatriots had won the Nobel Prize in chemistry six months earlier. In what became an epic must-see interviewa meme in the makinghe eviscerated Cathy f 579 Newman was so brutalized by his logic and her inability to brand him by shoving words in his mouth that she embarked on a post-debate. The credit system is surely at risk if corporate paper starts defaulting. We have more departments in the top ten than any other school in the country. Instead, we told my dad, ate dinner (probably mashed potatoes and sat down to an episode. When a truck driver in Peoria pays one cent more for a share of Apple than the previous bid, the market cap just rose 50 million. People are squealing for the rights of sex dolls to not be f 600 The Brits, never bashful about asking somebody to hold their beers, are discussing whether to make misogyny a hate crime or just let the birds. It has grown progressively harder to wrap my brain around what I am actually witnessing. No, because I may be dead wrong but Im not lying.

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A day will come when they dont trade. In my opinion, this book will likely lose a lot of appeal for readers who are unfamiliar with Kahnemans and Tverskys work. I have one overarching goal: dont fuck. Obviously the beatings took some of the piss and vinegar from Cryptomania, but The Big ThreeBitcoin (BTC Ethereum (ETH and XRPretain a combined market cap of 80 billion at the time of this writing, and there are more. Buffett This, folks, is the bible of investing. Theres going to be a significant loss of jobs and revenue in the United States. Future debt issuance could get dicey. Russia and any country interested in making it look like Russia did. After bitcoin was driven above 20,000 in late December 2017 (on its trek to 1,000,000, of course) it has now pulled back to about 3,200, which I believe is below the estimated coinmarketcap bitcoin candy 8,000 to mining f 184 (It. BofA also got caught robbing safe deposit boxes f 374 Recall that the state of California was emptying safe deposit boxes and selling the contents without even inventorying them f 375BofA has also been freezing the accounts of people suspected. The scholarly market historian and market maven Lacy Hunt calls the economy very weak. How about some solutions or suggestions, Dave? (He had been talking about doing this years before the election.)ref 42 One can squeal that this is a tariffying repeat of the SmootHawley tariffs.

Again, there are niggling little details. Bret Weinstein, former professor at Evergreen State College This is beyond free speech; this is disrespectful. Let's put this in perspective: 18 million dying Yemenis versus One Dead Kashoggi (ODK). The S P 500 is trading at about a 93 premium to the long-run median. In each case, the big dip is followed by a recoverythe break-even pointfollowed by an extension of the rally that eventually fails. Lectures on rape law, for example, are popular f 675 These same activists are likely to speak out in support of rape victims, albeit in total ignorance. Galbraith, Harvard University and author of The Great Crash, 1929 Even when things happen in the economy that would otherwise have triggered inflationary episodes, they dont today because financial markets trust the Fed to do the right thing to keep inflation under control. The free market has caught up to a few hooligans. Scott Galloway sees antitrust activity ramping up, although it seems to me like a weaker case than the one against f 155 Google is accused of biasing search results toward advertisers that pay more, which may pose an optics problem but is also how capitalism works. As I understood it, liberals were compassionate and tolerant, albeit a little rich in fanciful ideas. Restaurant owners who hand out unsolicited straws in California are subject to 1,000 fines and 6 months in prison for each infraction.ref 624 The originator of the movement, Milo Cress, claimed that 500 million straws are handed out unnecessarily. I have been a pro-choice atheist my whole lifejust a pagan with a busy swordand am unlikely to switch sides now. Jordan Peterson, Professor of Psychology and author of 12 Rules for Life A University of Wisconsin student filed a dreaded bias report after a peer hogged weights at the campus gym then yelled at him to back f 686.

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QE simply relabels the public debt as interest-bearing reserves instead of interest-bearing treasuries. What I do know is that it is never the country being bailed but rather the seemingly moronic creditors. We have abolished the idea of failurenatures cleansing mechanism. Once again, I enjoyed it like one might enjoy listening to a symphony, but in coinmarketcap bitcoin candy the end, the notes blur together. Jerome Powell The US is on an unsustainable fiscal path; theres no hiding from. Out with the old, in with the new. (Money doesn't flow, contrary to what 99 of pundits say.) The Swiss National Bank keeps putting bids under shares with freshly printed Swiss francs, which is insanely anathema to the concept of free f 66 The numbers dont seem that.

Louis Gave, cofounder of GaveKal The corporate debt market is a coinmarketcap bitcoin candy complicated story because huge amounts of debt to financially engineer pump n dump schemes with share buybacks were waiting to be extinguished by repatriated savings (tax amnesty) from overseas. You wanna see a hero in the flesh? It would have been less if the one guy who went and sat in the back pleasuring himselflet's call him just "Kevin"also bought a large Coke and popcorn. Are what we called cooties now microaggressions with attackers and victims? I was 26 and I said, Why am I going to spend my 20s sitting at a desk? RTref 491 The boys and girls at Britain's Porton Downthe nerve center of the UK chemical weapons program(me)refused to finger the Rooskies, ref 492 causing the rhetoric to target motive: "There is no doubt the nerve agent used in the attack.