ottoman trading post strategy aoe3

If your opponent managed to produce or ship in light infantry troops or Mercs, remember those 14 Spahi? Finally, select all the cards you can that ship coin to the new world as you can up to the card that ships 1000 coin. Construct a Barracks and an Artillery Foundry. Meanwhile at home, age up to Industrial with 3 Spahi. Note : this is only for high level Ottoman HCs. You'll need alot of them. 7 Make sure you complete building your army before he reaches the third age. If your opponent masses culverins or cavalry, that's when the Janissaries come. Your next two shipments in industrial (don't care how you get 'em, Mercantilism, spaming houses, adding more trade posts, whatever you do, get them asap) are the two Factories. Link is below: m/en-us/developers/.

The Inexhaustible Ottoman Rush - Age of Empires III Heaven

4, as soon as the buildings are built, divide your settlers in ottoman trading post strategy aoe3 such a way that they gather more food than coin. Anti Cavalry, meet Great Bombards. Remember that much of this strategy rests on what you do with those 5 Spahi and 4 Hussars in the 7:00-7:30 time frame. Most of your villagers need to be on food. The number of cards, or shipments, you can choose is equal to your home city level minus. Add all the cards you just picked into your updated deck. Raid again during age up to Industrial. You will need 1200 food once you reach.

Next, click on "Build A Deck which is an option that allows you to add and remove cards from your current deck. Make sure you have a shipment and 1000 food the second you arrive in Fortress. If you are not already there yet, click on the tab that reads: New World. Here is a strong strategy for any, ottoman player! Have the 2 Falconet card in your deck. If your opponent ottoman trading post strategy aoe3 hasn't clued in he should be building anti-cav, he will be now. Once you hit Industrial, your first shipment is 6 Spahi. Research Mass Production asap.

ottoman trading post strategy aoe3

Ottoman Power Play strategy, now even stronger.06

When you have 9 settlers gathering food, allot two settlers for gathering wood. I would love to hear your guys thoughts! Follow me on Twitter for channel updates: m/SamuraiRev, follow me on steam: SamuraiRevolution, age of Empires III Microsoft Corporation. He is wasting resources producing them, while your Bombards are Factory produced, constantly replaced. 9, great job if you win, but people lose all the ottoman trading post strategy aoe3 time. When the outpost is about to go down, most people panick and have their villagers leave it in hopes of reaching the.

From here on, you can press 1 to select grenadiers and 2 for musketeers. When you create a home city, it automatically begins with a standard deck of 15 cards. 10 Enjoy your victory. 9 Directly head your army towards his town-center. Submit Tips Never forget to build houses in the Discovery Age (the age you begin the game in). AoE III was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Age of Empires III, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft. You did build a pen right? Put nearly ALL villagers on food it you have to (don't get housed, though). Keep him from expanding. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. In this case, ship 2 Great Bombards before you ship the factories.

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If it's light infantry or Cavalry, send in Spahi alone after these while sending the Hussars after villagers furthest away from the. Ottoman civilization in deathmatch than in supremacy. After clicking age up to Fortress, use this Outpost as the shipment dropoff point. If he makes ottoman trading post strategy aoe3 Culverins, thank him. These guys are very good at bringing the buildings down to ground.

Note: if your raids weren't going well, and your opponent has some strength, he will consider you weak after age up to Industrial and hit you with everything he's got. Required cards: 3 Villagers 700 gold 700 food gold 20 sheep, fort 6 Spahi, factory, factory, recommended additional cards: 5 Janissaries 7 wood 2 Falconets 2 Great Bombards 9 Corsairs 5 Mamelukes. AGE OF empires III FOR under 12! Upgrade them to atleast Veteran, Guard if you have the resources. After you hit age up to Industrial and you have reached 1200 food, switch to 1/2 on wood (houses) and 1/2 gold, as you may need Mercantilism (and later Mercs). Go to your home city and request the "Crates of 700 food" card. Sometimes, you may want to change the units you build if your enemy is making a lot of artillery. It is much easier to play as the. Build that church, research the cap increase and atleast the 300 food train speed upgrade. 8, from the Barracks, you can make Janissaries, which are slightly better than musketeers. Your explorer is stil nearby, right? If you need explaining ottoman trading post strategy aoe3 how to do this, stop reading now, go read the "general hints" thread. At the start, it is recommended you begin by hunting.

Keep trying if it fails! When you have all those cards you just selected in your deck, you can begin a game. Trading, company to pick cards that give resources (they are the cards with numbers greater than 100 and have pictures of food, wood and coin in the background.) 4, with the 9 card you begin with, select. And they're dead if they don't leave. With 2 town halls you also can create more Villages. Now I really shouldn't have to say how to finish this game. Set both Factories to produce Great Bombards. Press Ctrl1, and in the same way select your entire musketeer and press Ctrl2. By 7:10-7:20 you'll have 4 Hussars and 5 Spahi very close to the enemy base.

If he's not braindead, he'll try to make suicide runs at your Great Bombards with melee cavalry (in.06 it can be ranged as well, just set to melee mode). 3, the best cards to pick are the cards that contain resources. Keep raiding, you want to keep him out of Industrial, or arrive there with an even more horrible economy than you've already left him. When a settler is trained, it will automatically begin mining. Is a fast industrial strategy possible?!? Watch Queue, queue _count total loading. 7, as soon as you have 800 food, advance to the Colonial Age though the Quartermaster who will give you cords of 400 wood once you have completely advanced. Age up to Fortress asap, eat sheep, get treasures, whatever it takes (should arrive there by 6:30 age with the 4 Hussar, politician.